Wednesday, December 30

Folding of the seasons of life

I'm a thinker and contemplator (spell-check says that's not a word, and so I apologize) so this season, when December folds into January and the new year begins, is one of my most enjoyed seasons of yearly life. I love lists and review and plans and prayer.

2009 was a year of mixed blessings, a jumble of bizarre, sorrowful, joyful all shaken up together and thrown out, orchestrated as only God can. We trust His hand.

Thinking over the coming year and the goals we have as a family, to finish restoring this house, pay off our mortgage, continue fostering and home educating our children, I know God will be the master conductor behind the scenes. Hopefully He will be the star of the show too.

On a more practical note, I would like to share more of how we find joy in the everyday while making do. Making do, without being discontent, with being more than content, loving this gift of life. More so this year as we face the giant of a mortgage. It's the way we pretty much live now, which we love.

I hope you enjoy!


Traci Michele said...

Thank HIM that we can trust in HIM no matter what!

Hugs to you!

Hailey's Beats and Bits said...

happy new year hannah. may all our prayers be answered in God's standard!

The Nester said...

Oh you have such a lovely blog, it makes me want to visit your home!

Unknown said...

Hannah, you are such a kindred spirit. I just love you and wish I could know you in person. You can beat the mortgage (we did!) and will, and I will delight in hearing of all the beautiful choices you make for life. Thanks for sharing yourself here, I cherish the exchange.