Tuesday, October 13

Weekly Menu

Monday am - cranberry and white chocolate scones
lunch - turkey dinner leftovers
dinner - chicken soup with roasted garlic, garden carrots and dumplings

Tues am - oatmeal
lunch - yogurt, carrot sticks, peaches
dinner - Italian greens, fried squash blossoms and baby squash

Wed am - cereal with bananas
lunch- baby spinach salad
dinner -lemon gnocchi with spinach and peas
Make English Muffins

Thurs am -poached eggs with ham and English muffins
lunch - Happy Plates
dinner -swedish meatballs over noodles, salad

Fri am- corncakes with toasted walnuts and honey
lunch - fried rice
dinner -creamy squash soup, rustic bread

Sat am - cereal with bananas
lunch - grilled cheese, salad
dinner - Hot potato soup with fried eggplant

Sun am - apple cider donuts
lunch - Pasta with meat sauce, garlic bread
dinner - Bulghur salad with smoked salmon and artichokes


Anonymous said...

Okay another question with kiddos... I looked at your menu for the week... and looks great to me and my husband.. BUT my girls would never eat alot of the things on it... So with your kids do you do the.." this is what I made, eat it or don't eat" Or you make them hotdogs or nuggets on the side?

sue in NJ

Me said...

Hi Sue, they eat what we eat and have since they were babies. There might be some things they don't like or enjoy eating, Ella, for one hates smoked salmon but she knows she has to try a bite, just one bite and can eat the rest of her meal. If the kids ever decide not to eat their meal (which is hardly ever) then they miss out on dessert and get the re-heated plate for their next meal. I'm mean, I know. Our kids have great palates though because we've never been of a mind to cook them their own separate meals. Who has time for that? They love foods of every ethnicity and I think its because they are introduced so early. Chase has turned out to be a picky eater but usually once he sees there's nothing else being offered, he'll chow down on what is before him.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting simple things like 'weekly menus' and such. I am obsessed with my menus and meal planning and love to know what other people eat. Thanks for the little window into your kitchen table.

Diane said...

Sounds yummy as usual! :O)

GiGi said...

Ohh it all sounds so good!

Sarah said...

Hi Hannah!

I think that "chicken soup with roasted garlic, garden carrots and dumplings" sounds like something my husband would love. Do you have a recipe at all?

Thank you so much for posting your menus. Seeing other peoples food choices inspires me to try something new!

Sarah, England

Lynn said...

Sounds yummy!


Tesa said...

Hi Hannah,
Do you make your own "apple cider donuts"? Sounds wonderful. Would you share the recipe?

Christi said...

Your recipes look great, and don't sound too intimidating :o). I have eight children and am trying to get a menu in place, so as not to take up too much schooling time on meal prep. Do you have a recipe site, so I can see how practical these menu's are?

Me said...

Tracy, you're welcome. I love being inspired by other people's menus too!

thanks, Di and Gapgirl.

Sarah, Sean made the soup for me when I was feeling a bit under the weather. He just simmered an old hen with carrots from the garden, lots of garlic, salt (not sure what else?) Sean? He made a recipe of dumplings from the Joy of Cooking cookbook. It was delicious!

Thanks, Lynn :)

Tesa, I do make them homemade and I'll post photos and the recipe soon!

Christi, I don't have a recipe site but if you scroll down the blog page on the right sidebar there is a link for Home Cooking with a link to some of the recipes I use. I'm with you on not wanting to spend a lot of time in prep-work!