Wednesday, October 21


Thinking about "things" and their value tonight. A neighbor called this afternoon and let us know that her driveway alarm went off and they saw a man trying to get in her daughter's car. Ugh.. I always leave our van unlocked. We live in the country. Its quiet. There's no traffic. Our neighbors are all awesomeness.

A few things were stolen from inside my van: a 1 ct. diamond tennis bracelet that I had been given years ago as a gift, $10, and my zune.

I had been thinking of selling the bracelet as I'm not a flashy diamond kind of gal and they were most likely blood diamonds (watch that movie), and I thought it would be great to have spending money and had been daydreaming about what I would buy for the house. I had recently worn it on a date with Sean but took it off and slipped it in my wallet because the clasp kept coming loose.

The item I valued most was the zune MP3 player. When I think of someone snagging it and finding out they've got a zune with plenty of children's stories, audio adventures, classical music, soundtracks, sermons and worship music on it - I laugh. When I think of creepy thief guy looking through all my personal photos I cringe... and sorta chuckle. Home birth photos on there. Out there for the world to see. Lovely, eh?

Truthfully, my life is intact and my family is intact and those are the important things. Do I stop in pawn shops and look for my stuff now? What are you supposed to do when you've been robbed and filed a Sherriffs report?

A happy ending note is that our van is now paid off. And that was not stolen....


Diane said...

I pray God convicts him and he brings it back!

Mary Ann said...

So sorry to hear about this happening.

Our GPS was stolen out of our car this summer. Bummer! But, like you, we were so thankful that our car was not stolen and we were safe.

A friend once had his collection of CD's taken from his car. He wondered what they thought later when the thief realized they were all Christian music. Also another time our car was broken into, my husband's new sunglasses were stolen. They were prescription lenses!LOL!

Congrats on paying off your van!

Laryssa Herbert said...

Wow. So sorry that happened. Thank God for His protection for your family. Things can be replaced or forgotten, but people can't.

Farrah said...

I'm sorry! That's terrible. I had my wedding band and Coach watch stolen out of our vehicle. I was pregnant and took the ring off for swelling and forgot I left it in the car then the next day discovered it had been stolen.

Anonymous said...

We had our car broken into a couple of years ago.. the CDs were all over the floor.. guess they did not like our taste in music either.. But they got off with about .85 in pennies from the ash tray. LOL
I had my purse stolen out of my car in PEI years ago, (my friend left the door unlocked at a state park) But my spare set of keys were in the purse.. I could have lost the whole car... so I was greatful for that it was only my purse, but I was still upset about the sentamental things that were in the bag...
But as Laryssa said.. things can always be replaced.. hang in there.
Sue in NJ

Anonymous said...

so glad everyone is okay.

Della said...

We don't always see the way God works...I laughed when I too pictured that guy having to sort through the sermons and things...perhaps he'll hear something and be saved...your misfortune could be the end of his. It is still creepy, though. Our house was broken into when I was a kid...I remember feeling so violated...they ransacked the house and the sheriff said they probably were in the woods watching that's terrifying. We never heard anything else from the sheriff's dept. but at least we were all safe. As far as prowling the pawn shops...probably wouldn't do any good...most theives won't hock stuff in the town they stole it from. You could put the word out to the local pawn shops, just in know, in case some guy with the convicting power of the Holy Spirit on him comes in trying to pawn an mp3...Glad you're all safe.