Wednesday, October 14


I started running again. Its a slow, shuffling sort of run and there are no marathons in my future but I own the exercise and feel better for it.
This morning, earbuds in place and Christian oldies but goodies keeping me company, I ran the hills of our road. They aren't fun and the thought crossed my mind that walking would be about as quick or quicker than my snail's pace of two miles an hour up and down the rolling and winding hills.
Oh, how I wish I could share the view with you of coming over one hill and running alongside the most gorgeous fall foliage and farms laid out across the hills below and the sun in stripes all orange and glowing.
My hands were numb with the cold.
I was overwhelmed, suddenly with the beauty and the opportunity to get out early and run alone in the peace, family members snug in their beds, and meet the day at its dawn.
Hope you're having a lovely day.


Anonymous said...

You should run the Boilermaker with me next summer :)

Mary Ann said...

Good for you! I started running at the beginning of '09 and stopped in march because I had knee pain and I hated the running. Now I've been running with a friend for about 2 1/2 months. We're still very slow but we're doing it!!! We both plan to run our first 5k in December. I could care less about winning it; I just want to able to run the whole thing!

I've been reading your blog fr a little bit and love it!

Mary Ann

Anonymous said...

You go girl! I am a huge fan of running and the mental stability it brings. I am also a Christ loving mom ( 3 boys )who is trying to "get back to basics" in everything we do. I find your blog refreshing and encouraging! Keep up the good work!
Michelle in Oregon

emegren said...

You are awesome! I let everything become an excuse not to run! I was on the track team in high school (like 15 years ago) and I can't believe I ever ran for fun! I'm really hoping that once we make our big move and get settled then I'll be able to start running again. And have loads of motivation to do it! Thanks for your post!

Patton's With Passion said...

Great job! I started a running program back in June and completed it and am still running regularly. I have now completed 2 5k's, even though my finish times were 40 minutes and 39 minutes ;) Running is great for mind, body and spirit, and I am LOVING fall running.

Me said...

KT - no thanks :) I run for my own good pleasure and running in a crowd of 10,000 runners plus spectators doesn't sound enjoyable.

Mary Ann, thanks for taking the time to comment. Good luck with your 5K!

Michelle, thanks for stopping by! Do you have a blog?

Emily, I let the cold be an excuse not to run. It was 28 this morning and I stayed inside! I hadn't run since Sean and I were first married, eleven years ago.

Patton's fall running is great, isn't it?


Traci Michele said...

How Beautiful is God's Creation! I love it, esp. during Fall Time!

Hey there,

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Unknown said...

I started running 9 weeks ago, I had never run a mile in my life. Getting out on our country roads in the silence, surrounded by the glory of the prairies and the heavens, it has been such a wonderful thing for me. Now winter is settling in and I have bought a membership at the local gym which just IS NOT the same, but I am committed to doing this for my health. And even getting away to the gym with my mp3 player and no kids or jobs screaming at me except to pound through those 3 miles, has a de-stressing affect on me.

If you are looking for a plan, check out Couch to 5 K. It has got me to running from nothing to running 5 k straight in under 40 minutes. Still not fast, but considering I couldn't run for more than one minute straight only two months ago... well, it's been a fantastic program for me. Feel free to email me if you would like links.

Lydia said...

This is a beautiful post. Thanks for sharing your morning run with us. I felt like I was really there- without actually having to go through the cold . :)