Wednesday, October 28

Just a quick note...

...while kiddos are tidying up, waiting to watch the Little House movie on my laptop. Wow! Life is busy with two little mobile people!

Our little red-headed peanut's name is Natalie and she is pleasant and funny and has the silliest laugh we've ever heard. We are all enjoying her and I know it will be a sad day when she is no longer staying with us. Chase and Natalie love each other, share snacks and say "I ugh oo" to each other and fight over who gets to cling to which leg of mine while I'm cooking dinner. I am also getting some buff arms as Miss Nat outweighs Chase by a good ten pounds. Who needs to run when I can do stairs with a toddler in each arm?

Already I've seen the unpleasantness of having her run to me when it's time to visit her mother and I hope, for her sake and her mama's, that it changes. I can tell her mother loves her. We've been blessed with an extraordinary social worker, for which I am so thankful. Many, many thanks.

And so life goes on... with an extra carseat, additional highchair, synchronized pooping schedules, more laughter and more schedule checking and really and truly enjoying quiet moments at home with everyone under the same roof.

Tomorrow we tackle the three hour long, twice weekly, 54 mile round trip for visitation, three dental appointments, and a home full of friends at night for small group. The lasagna is already in the fridge, ready to go...


Lydia said...

Thanks for the update! I can't wait to meet Natalie. :)

Diane said...

Super busy and exciting! Won't be there tomorrow.... still sick. :O(

Diane Shiffer said...

Sounds like you're off to a good start! Enjoy that little muffin while you've got her.. I know you will:)

Anonymous said...

you can do it!

so awesome. you are
living my dream life.

so far i've got the hard
working man who wants
me to stay home and bear
him many children and
our first child.. a son. we are
working on the house and the
foster care license right now
and soon(ish) - baby #2 !!

hope all is well.

Tiff and Adam said...

I've never commented on any of you posts, but I read regularly. I wanted you to know that your posts give me strength, courage, and peace. Especially this one. This world is blessed to have you and your family in it. Sometimes we forget that there are still sonderful people out there. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

This is such a wonderful thing that you are doing.. I don't think I could do it myself, I would never want to let the children that I would be trying to help, go.
May Natale's mother find the path that she needs to succeed !

Sue in NJ

Jessica said...

Dearest Hannah,
I am in awe at your passion, maturity and love for not only your family, but for your life. You are such an inspiration to me. Thank you for all that you do. I love reading about a woman and her family that are making their lives work in accordance to God and the way life should work.
I hope your fostering works out for you and, that your family continues to grow in knowledge and love. Again, thank you for sharing, and being an anchor in this crazy world.

Della said...

As a mother, your heart goes out to mothers...those who maybe made some wrong choices and truly show regret for those choices and how they've affected their children. Here's praying that when the time comes that that little blessing goes back, that God will have healed and mended...Our God is great and powerful and he's able to make right the wrongs.