Friday, October 16

Foster Update

We received a quick call this morning, asking if we'd take in a three day old bundle of sweetness for just a few days. Of course we said yes.
The kiddos and I scrambled to pick up newborn diapers and bottles and formula while we talked about what it might be like to have a wee one in our care with bad drugs in his body.
Hurried home and tidied up, scrambling to find paperwork and think of the 10,000 other things I was planning on doing this weekend which would have to take a back seat.
The nice social worker called and let us know the aunt who had planned to take the babe next week, was allowed to take him today.
So, no baby in my arms this weekend. Sadly.
I made the social worker promise to send me another soon. :)


Diane said...

Now you're fully stocked for the next one. Sorry for the happy/sad roller coaster ride... :O)

Ticking and Toile said...

wow, what a wonderful thing you are doing! Being so willing to take care of a sweet little angel if only for awhile. you are a gift from heaven & our world needs more of you!