Friday, September 11

We went for a nice after-dinner walk last night with friends in the fields behind our home. One little friend was having a rough time, lagging behind, not happy to be not getting his own way.
Aiden stopped playing with his siblings, walked back to the little guy, and took his hand.
The tears stopped.
His dad joked Aiden has a compassion for tantrums since he's had so many.
So true, I think.


Mrs. Preston said...


That is really cute and very endearing indeed!

I really enjoy your site! =)


mandi said...

oh now...
that is so sweet. what a precious moment to capture.

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness, that is so sweet. I jsut love it when my older kids "help" the younger. Such a great moment.

Annie said...


Sommer said...

That is so sweet! It gives me new perspective on my almost 7 year old daughter's little self.

Thank you for your insights in the previous post :-)

Lots of love,