Wednesday, September 30

Today's Menu cost: $9.77

Breakfast -cereal with bananas and milk

Breakfast total: $2, .33 cents a serving

Lunch - fried rice, apples

rice- $1
corn- .25
peas- .33
ginger- .10
organic soy sauce - .10
eggs - free
apples - .8

Lunch total: $1.86, .26 cents a serving

Dinner - fried beef wontons, banana splits (I know, I know, not the healthiest meal I've fed my kiddos :O)
1 lb grass fed beef - $1.40
ginger - .10
soy sauce - .10
wontons - $2.98

banana - .8
icecream - .75
caramel syrup -.50

Dinner total: $5.91, .84 cents a serving


A said...

I love your blog!
Just had to tell you that today.
I'm a military wife, stationed overseas, new baby (#4), husband deployed - the whole nine yards.
I'll bet you didn't know you're "supporting the troops" by providing inspiration to their wives.
I miss our beautiful country so much, and seeing your gorgeous pictures of the countryside warms my heart every time.
Thanks for sharing your heart, your menus, your homeschooling ideas, etc. Semper Fi!

Anonymous said...

Where do you get grass fed beef for so cheap??

Michelle Pearson said...

very've got me thinking about how much per meal! :)

Me said...

A - so glad you enjoy the blog and glad I get to do a little bit to support our troops!

Anonymous, we had a cow butchered. We paid the farmer $200 for the milk cow and I think about $400 for the butchering. The cow was happy and healthy but wouldn't get up and so we jumped on the opportunity! Our chest freezer is completely full of ground beef and the upright has some steaks and roasts. Soooo... if you become friends with a dairy farmer, make sure you get in line for any of his cows that he has to get rid of. Btw, the one we had butchered was 4 yrs old and I was worried about her being tough, but the meat is fantastic!