Wednesday, September 23

My Day

Chapters read aloud from Ben Bryan, the "Every Letter Makes a Sound" song by a three year old to me, keeping my thumb on one kiddo's not so kind antics, apple cream pies in the oven, talking to my Grandma on the phone, sorting in the attic, pouring over old photos of just the two of us before we had our five by our two oldest (that's Papa?), a fresh coat of paint on a set of shelves intended for filled canning jars, grilled pizzas and newly hung shutters on the porch. Thankful that God gives me grace for every day and fills our home with His immeasurable peace and love,
Have a sweet night,


Diane said...

Good job with the shutters. Love the color! :O)

Edith said...

It sounds so buzy & quiet at the same time...How do you succeed to do that ? Peace from France...