Monday, September 28

How much our meals cost today - $7.46

cereal and bananas, milk

3/4 box of Peanut Butter Bumpers - $1.75
2 bananas - .16
milk - approx. .50

Breakfast total - $2.41, 34 cents a person

Lunch -
leftover pasta and sauce from dinner last night, apples, water
apples - a bushel for $8, approx 4 cents each

Lunch total - .16, .4 cents a person

Dinner :
veggie soup, buttermilk biscuits, water
large can of crushed tomatoes - $1.49, veggies from the garden - free, 1/2 lb past - .50
buttermilk biscuits - buttermilk - .50, butter - .38, dry ingredients - approx $2

Dinner total -$4.87, 35 cents a person
(half the soup went into the freezer for another meal)


Corrie said...

Ok, so I'm curious about where you get bananas for so cheap. I bought 8 today, and yes, they were fairly large, for .79/lb. (SMALL local rural grocery store) and they were $2.60, or .33/piece! Sometimes I can get them for 50 cents/lb.

And, by the way, that same grocery store carries Breyer's Ice Cream (the only kind hubby will eat) for $7.09. Yes, $7.09 is the normal price. We get it in the city and hour and a half away and drive it home with lots of ice on our once a month shopping trip!

Blessings to you as you bless your family!

Me said...

Hi Corrie!
I always try to buy the smallest bananas in the group, feeling like I get more for my money that way since the kids always want their own banana. That way I can get, say 8 bananas for .25 each as opposed to five bananas for .40 each. Banana prices here usually hover around .60lb at Walmart but I can get them for 3lbs for $1 at Aldi's. Aldi's is an out of the way trip for me though so I usually only hit it once a month. :(
And WOW at the Breyer's icecream prices! Wow, wow, wow! Wish I could send you some in the mail!