Friday, September 4

Hi-ho, hi-ho - off grid we go!

We'll be spending the weekend here. With bears and moose and deer. Without electricity or plumbing or running water or phone or computer. (GULP).
Looking forward to the quiet, some hand sewing, and breezy forest walks with my family.
A good friend is settling down here to keep watch over the various critters.
Enjoy your long weekend!


Pink Slippers said...

Paula said...

Man that sounds BEAUTIFUL!!! Sounds like a good thing to do every once in a while. How are you able to manage it? Your husbands job and all? I think that would be the only thing to keep up from doing it.

GiGi said...

Oh Hannah the cabin looks perfect. Your inspiring my husband and I to do the very same thing with perhaps a bit more modern touches for permanent peaceful. Enjoy

Catherine Anne said...


Unknown said...

sounds... heavenly!