Monday, September 28

Grocery shopping for the week so far....

Breyers all natural vanilla bean ice cream - $3.25 (ugh, this pained me. The shop we usually buy ice cream from sells it for buy one at $1.49, get one for .75. It is closed on Sundays though.)
Heavy cream - $3.94
Won-ton wrappers - $2.98
Saifun bean noodles - $1.18
chocolate chips - $2.78 (Ghiradelli, which is why they cost a dollar more than Aldi's. So worth that extra buck!)
Bananas - $2.54

Total: $16.67

1 comment:

mandi said...

ooh- are you making banana eggrolls a' la mode? i know, it sounds weird, but they are sooooooo good!