Friday, September 25

The brevity of life

The brevity of life.
That's what has been on my mind, filling my heart.

It shows its face as we talk about fostering, adoption, adding to our family and I realize that half of my fertile years are behind me. I've never regretted having one of our children, even though most of them were unplanned. Instead, I'm shaken, realizing what we would have missed had our plans been.

It falls into my mind as my son asks what year it will be a 1,000 years from now and we fall to talking about leaving a legacy past our lifetimes. Life as a breath.

It sweeps me off again to thinking as I wrap our firstborn's birthday gifts which signify almost a decade of being a Mama. Flown by in an instant.

Brevity. How brief is the life we live.

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