Saturday, August 29

What's in the Workbox?

Next to our workboxes is a bookshelf filled with books and resources to rotate through the workboxes. Here are a few of our favorites this year.

Draw. Write. Now. I love these books. Having a boy who doesn't love to write but is fascinated with all things native American, this one in particular has been great. He pulls it out, we read together the copywork, he copies it into his journal and then draws the photo. CBD and Amazon sell these but I got a few great deals off of

We've been working with these Music in Me piano lesson books. There are several for each level. I love that my daughter can play a simple worship song and sing along. These I bought through CBD.

A friend turned me on to Mad Libs as an grammar tool and I found they come in the math version too. This is everyone's favorite math supplement. Hear a funny story and then solve the problem.

Kumon resources are great for occupying Ella while her older siblings need one on one. These were purchased at Barnes and Noble.

Grammar this year for Annaliese is Wordly Wise, also purchased off of CBD. She is a girl who loves words so it seems this has been a good choice for her.

Aiden's copy of Wordly Wise is brilliant. I absolutely love it. There are story words and cute drawings. I tell the story and he identifies the words in the pictures, which requires some great abstract thinking. Some of the words have been: steep, clear, load, nation, shallow, and wild.

Annaliese has been reading the Elsie Dinsmore books for the last few months. When I saw this online, I did a little happy dance on the inside. Elsie's Life Lessons was purchased on and Annaliese is enjoying going through it. I appreciate that it re-affirms our faith and encourages character growth.

The best spelling resource I have come across for all the grade levels I've taught so far are these green books sold at Barnes and Noble. Even though they are workbooks, my kids like them too. Andrew is doing spelling one which is strengthening his reading skills.

Annaliese has also had baking as an activity and the boys are learning how to knit. Andrew with bamboo needles and wool and Aiden

with the niftiest little hat loom ever. He's been working away on making Andrew a hat for Christmas.

I try to keep the workboxes a blend of necessary learning (reading, writing, arithmetic) and a fun activities that encourage learning without the kids necessarily being aware.
These landmark flashcards were a Target find for $1.

Hating math without practical application growing up has made me search out some visual math for our children. Flip Over Math is great! And inexpensive compared to a lot of other visual math educational resources. We also do things like bean sorting and counting. I think I'll save math visual ideas for another post :)


Laryssa Herbert said...

I'm enjoying these recommendations. Please keep them coming!

Beth said...

Thanks for sharing these!!! I am definitely going to check out some of them for my kids.

The circular knitting loom is fun... I have made several quick baby gifts that way (which is nice for a non-knitter like me).

Jenny said...

Great workbox ideas. I have been wanting to get Draw Write Now for my daughter.

Me said...

Thanks, Laryssa!
Beth, the loom is great, isn't it? Do you make baby hats or is there something else we're missing that we could be making?

Jenny, look on I found so many of the books we needed this year on there, which saved our family a bundle!

This Journey of Mine said...

Hi Hannah,

I love reading about how you homeschool your children! I'm beginning year three of homeschooling and I love it. But I really love hearing what others do... always little pieces of nuggets that can be carried over to our home!

Anyways, would you mind reading my current post and commenting with any ideas you may have? I'm asking about books for boys. I'd love to hear what you may have to offer!

You are a blessing!

Kit said...

Hannah, I can't wait to hear more about math. Our children are in private school, but I feel that I'm going to need to do more at home with our second grader this year.