Wednesday, August 19

Summer waited till August to fully step into the room this year. Before her toes only slid over the stoop and we caught glimpses of her now and then.

Now that this northern girl is enduring the familiar August wilt, the garden is a jungle of pole beans, Hubbard squash plants meandering down rows and walkways, shiny red cabbages and a plethora of green tomatoes and potatoes, both of which have suffered a heavy blight around here. We're thankful we've been spared.

Last week the boys came in with a bucket of potatoes they had dug for me for dinner, red, purple and white ones. Afternoon or early evening snacks routinely consist of carrots now. Not the shaved and whittled down baby variety from the store but a fresh, pulled from the earth sort of carrot. They are always entertaining (the carrots). Sometimes they are Siamese twins, sometimes plump little old ladies or skinny tall men. Either way they're swiped thoroughly and chomped into.

Annaliese grew zinnias and beets in her garden this year. A few nights ago she went round the neighbors with her brothers and sold homemade bouquets. Andrew sold his eggs also and Aiden was feeling very left out of the whole entrepreneurial evening. He went out back to the berry bushes, filled up two baby food jars of blackberries and managed to sell them for a quarter each.

Enjoy your evening. I'm expecting Sean home anytime now and have to run and take our veggie garden tarts out of the oven.

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Diane said...

Sounds great. I could use some flowers, eggs and berries!