Friday, August 28

Our workbox System

Four of the kiddos have numbered workboxes. This organization has been working great for our family. In years past I had to stop what I was doing and go check the daily planner to see who needed to do what next.

Our workboxes are six plastic drawer sets from Wally-world. The cute labels are Martha St*wart via Michaels.

After circle time, the kids check their first bin and set to work. I fill them the night before in no set order, just trying to coordinate that all four kids don't need me on a new activity at once.

Want to see what sort of things go in those bins?
Check back tomorrow!


Tesa said...

I am enjoying your home school series so very much. This is my fourth year home schooling... and I still have so much to learn.

The workbox system is a new idea to me... I am anxious to read more about how you fill the boxes.
Do you set a time limit for any of the boxes...or do they work on it until it is "finished"?

Thanks so much for sharing.

GiGi said...

I enjoy your blog.... thanks for sharing

Beth said...

I read about the work box system on another blog and really liked the idea. Right now I have a 1st grader and kindergartener, so I probably will wait a year or two to start with work boxes. Once I have 3 students, it will likely be essential.

We are quasi unschoolers, but I need some sort of order to keep life easier. :-)

Looking forward to reading about what's in those work boxes!

Janel said...

Excellent homeschool series. I love what you're doing. I wish I had been that organized when we started 10 years ago!

Good stuff.