Tuesday, July 7


I remember when my husband and I were engaged to be married...eleven or so years ago... he mentioned to the couple doing our premarital counseling that love is not a feeling. He said he chose and made a decision to love me. It honestly infuriated me at the time, being on such an emotional high of loving him, but now I understand.
He wasn't saying that he had no emotional feelings for me, but that his love was not going to be based on changing and unsteady emotions. Nor was his commitment.

All these years later, I appreciate his frankness. I appreciate that his decision and commitment to love has been unwavering through job losses, fifty months of pregnancy, a sick child and surgeries, family stresses, venturing out into self-employment and all the other blessings and changes of life.


Traci Michele said...

I couldn't agree more! Thanks for the reminder.


monika said...

Another thing that is often overlooked is how love is a practice: if you treat someone bad, how can you say you love them? By believing that love is only an emotion. I believe very strongly that love needs feeding, through care and attention to each other.

Myra said...

But I believe that, too. Love is a choice, the initial response is an emotion, but you choose to cultivate it, learn to trust them, etc. Staying married is also a choice, since it is all too easy to throw in the towel if you don't have the foundations. In this world, where everyone is so into instant gratification, not all can survive the down times when it gets tough. You do have to make a decision to follow through, sometimes everyday, until things get better.

EL said...

Thank you for sharing this...in a world so focused on the physical and prone to people falling in lust and divorcing...this is a wonderful reminder of what true love is all about. Very sweet and refreshing!

MaggieJoy said...

This is exactly what my husband said over and over to me through our courtship! And the logical - straightforward mindset is so him.

We were married 4 months ago! :)

I love reading your blog. Your stories and life are inspiring to a woman just learning what it means to be a wife and build a Christ centered home (even if there are no children.. yet).

Thanks and God Bless,
Maggie Joy