Monday, July 6

Every year for the past few, we've spent a fun family day at a water park an hour or so away from home. This year we debated what to do, since we have two very small children who would probably not enjoy the experience so much as the rest of us.
We initially decided to try another park that might have more child-centered activities but the cost was high and the drive there longer. But here we are now, the happy owners of a season pass to all of our state parks. The season pass cost less than one day at the waterpark and we've already been a half dozen times, whenever the sun decides to share its glory with us. We can visit any park as often as we like.
I can't think of anything more child-centered than a warm beach, wet sand and water to splash and swim in. Neither can our kids.


Diane said...

So much fun! love ya

Diane Shiffer said...

We do the state park pass too! (and I actually think I recognize the park in your photos;)) Ours is put to good use all year long... in the summer we go to the beach as you do. In the fall and spring while the days are relatively warm, we will sometimes pack up all of our "school" and spend the day at a state park nearby. There is virtually no one there and we have all of that glorious wonderfulness to ourselves. We take over one of the shelters- each kid has their own picnic table on which to spread out all of their schoolwork. We take breaks and walk through the woods or down to the beach. Usually we cook something simple and yummy on the grill. The wildlife is more bold due to the relative quiet... we always have a wonderful restful and yet very productive day.