Wednesday, July 8

Adoption/foster update

Just a tid-bit for those of you who have asked that I keep the blog updated: everything (fingerprints, medical, etc.) is in and finished and we are just waiting for our homefinder to finish writing up our homestudy. Yay! So excited!
Yesterday the kids helped me clean out the new bedroom, hang curtains and put down a rug. Sean put together the crib last night and we made up the bed. We did everything in neutral colors, golds, tans, and whites. The crib is dark brown. It looks lovely.
Now we are just playing the waiting game and trying to get as much done as possible in the meantime before life changes its course a little bit more.


anya* said...

This is such an exciting time! I know before our kids came home we spent a lot of time as a family praying for the children waiting to join us. I think it helped the transition when they did come home- my son was already prepared and excited to meet his new brother and sister. Having a space set up now sounds really great also because there is this 'tangible' place for the kids to picture the new addition(s), and you to pray over. Blessings to your family on this amazing roller coaster of a ride!

Beth said...

How exciting! Prepare yourself for experiencing emotions you have never felt before. It is awesome, scary, powerful, gut-wrenching, painful, confusing, joyful, and beautiful all squished together.

Fostering has shown me love that I didn't know I could have for a stranger, compassion overflowing, and anger at the darkness and devastation caused by sin.

All of this will not only change you, but it will also change your children. My kids do not have a closed off perspective on life. They are always asking when we can help and love another baby in need. What a wonderful concept to instill in their lives from a young age!

God bless you on your journey.
Beth in NC

Laryssa Herbert said...

I'm so thankful for Godly parents like you all. Thanks for the update!

Diane said...

Can't wait!

Me said...

So Hannah,

It sounds like you are for sure getting a baby rather than an older child?

Me said...

Yes,Zebu, we feel that at this stage of life, with having so many small children a baby is the wiser choice for now. As our children grow, then we will be open to taking in progressively older children. For now, we told them 2 and under.