Monday, June 1

Weekend in Review

Saturday morning I worked in the garden, pulling weeds delighting in the recent rain, laying straw in the paths to discourage their reproduction while Ella toddled around, talking and singing behind me. Earlier that morning she lay in bed beside me, patting my cheek and singing a rendition of "Twinkle, twinkle, little Star", asking me to help her sing it. So in froggy voices we sang and greeted the day.While I gardened, the kiddos ran and rode bikes in the driveway, chased ducks, played with the lamb, and hung a birdhouse for me while I moved stones in the grass and then mowed and hung laundry on the line. Andrew was very happy to be asked to do a big thing like nailing a birdhouse into the tree. He delighted in it, which was wonderful to see.

Sean kept busy up in the boys room, with little boys keeping watch, finishing the wiring and setting in the final bit of insulation, announcing its readiness for sheetrock.

By the afternoon we were done with our work of our hands and this beautiful afternoon was before us, cool and sunshiney and full of potential.

We do well with last minute plans and decided to take the kids to the Farmer's Museum in Cooperstown, NY, quickly dressing and packing a bag full of snacks and drinks.

We spent and hour and a half there, taking in the sites and enjoying the carousel. Chase wasn't feeling well and slept in our arms most of the time. He seems on the mend today for which we are thankful.
The Farmer's Museum is lovely. I think it would be *especially* lovely if one didn't live in an old house in the country with a menagerie of animals.

The whole charm of feeding a lamb and following a rooster around was completely missed by our kids who take turns on cool mornings feeding Barley his bottle, talking to themselves about feeling bad for mama lambs. Boy, does that lamb pull hard at that bottle!

But we loved it still. We loved the old country store with its old fashioned peppermint sticks, wooden tokens for the carousel, open shelving, arrowheads, wooden toys and all sorts of old-fashioned items for sale.

In the blacksmith shop we saw how square head nails are made. I remembered pulling a bucket of those things out of our kitchen rafters last year, large with child. They sit in a bowl in the garage because I can't bring myself to toss them.

The interior of the homes were beautiful and inspiring, making me want to take a coat of shiny paint to my fireplace and mantle.

After museum hours, we walked around the property of a big hotel, sitting by the lake, the seven of us squeezed on a bench. The boys took turns rolling down hills and those....those are photos for next time.


Diane Shiffer said...

a farmer's museum in cooperstown? oh my gracious, how did that ever miss me? those pictures were just lovely and i was all set to gush enviously over those red painted shelves- i thought they were yours!

but now we can just admire them together;)

Diane said...

I must have been when I was little, but your trip reminded me of what a great day trip it would be for our family. FUN!

Caroline said...

Your children are very fortunate. And whoever took those photos did an amazing job!
My favorites are the carousel and then the one of your daughter face down on the bench. Too silly!

Me said...

Persuaded, I'm still trying to figure out *where* in my home I can put red shelves. I'm wondering if the effect would be as nice on bookshelves.
Di, your kids would like it I'm sure. The Sagamore (sp?) and lake are right up and across the road too for a nice scenic walk.
Kina, thanks. And Ella is a goof.

Lynn Hasty said...

Oh, I LOVE the picture of all the old clothes. Me and old clothes... Mmm. I would love to have a closet full of that!

Hannah, I think the red shelves would be absolutely lovely with books.

Your children are sweet and beautiful as ever. Love their names.


janice said...

You brought back happy memories and tears for me. Many years ago I lived in Springfield Center. I visited the Farmers Museum many, many times. Is the large hotel you wrote of the Otsego Hotel?? I loved the fall and the Fly Creek Cider Mill. Those were the happiest times of my life. Thanks for sharing. By the way I came to your blog by way of Romantic History blog.

Me said...

Janice, the hotel is the Otesaga. It is beautiful!

Growing In Grace Magazine said...

Looks like you had an enjoyable day there. Very cute pictures!