Sunday, June 14

It's not our anniversary.
Or his birthday.
He hasn't done anything especially romantic that I need to announce.
Nor are we expecting.
I just want to say what a wonderful husband God has blessed me with.
When I see him dancing with our daughters, and I know that they know they are beautiful princesses in his eyes...
My heart is overwhelmed with thankfulness.
I love him.
When I kiss the toes that kicked inside my womb
That love made...
When I stare into her big blue eyes that she gets from her Papa,

Or the four other pairs of blue eyes from Papa,
When heavy headed children fall asleep in my arms and he thinks its a beautiful thing and snaps a photo,When I remember our vows and our wedding ceremony, our honeymoon in old Quebec City, newlywed life, and all the firsts of married life,

I have so much to be thankful for and my heart is again overwhelmed.
There is so much sorrow and sadness.
How did I end up so lucky and blessed?


Diane said...

You guys truly are. love ya both!

4 Sisters said...

So sweet. Couples like you two and my own parents are true inspirations to me. Thank you so much for being living proof that marriage vows can be taken seriously!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful way to honor your husband. I don't usually comment, but I am always uplifted by "visiting" your little corner of the web. Thank you, Janet

Farrah said...

I enjoyed reading this post. May God continue to bless you richly.

Display homes said...

God bless to your family.. you are such a lucky person..