Sunday, June 7

I'm wishing or a week of sun. I think we're due for rain. The garden is happy about that. Anyone now how to keep chickens out of a fenced garden? This afternoon Andrew helped me catch each and every one and we carefully clipped their flight feathers before setting them free. A few hours later they were back in the garden, digging my carrots. Ho hum. Tomorrow while Chase is napping, I'll be found staking out the garden, waiting for the little buggers to sneak in and see how it is done.

Working to set the garden back to rights early this evening Sean brought me out a delicious chicken wrap with sour cream and cilantro. I planted more carrots underneath the flowering peas, spinach in between the sprouted rows of lettuce and colorful swiss chard in a bare back corner of the herb bed. Everything is doing quite well inspite of the pesky poultry. Old windows screwed together are working so well as tepee heat frames. Our hot peppers are basking under them.

We had such a busy weekend. Sean logged in over ten hours of driving. My younger sister married up north in Inlet and sweet relatives were carried off to train station and airport today. He sank into bed by eight, sweet love.

A fun week ahead. We have our homestudy on Thursday and I feel like the everlasting bunny running to and fro. If only I had the energy to match...

have a beautiful week....


Gae said...

Your garden project sounds fun.
We are keen would be gardeners/farmers.
Just waiting to move to a new place
God Bless

kim said...

Hannah - I asked my sister-in-law how she handles her chicken/garden situation. This was her reply: "I usually have problems with the chickens in the garden as well as the flower beds. Throughout the year I let them roam free after I get home from work. But recently however, I keep the chickens fenced. The fence around the coop is about 5 feet high. I usually let them roam, but they have been tearing up the mulch and my newly planted gardens, so I am being hard hearted. It could be that they are digging under the fence to get out (or in). We have about 50 chickens, and they can destroy the whole garden in just a few hours."

Looks like free-range chickens and garden seasons don't mix well.

Anonymous said...

My organic gardening guide says poultry is good for gardens. Chickens eat insects and their waste is good fertilizer. Don't worry too much.

Me said...

Thanks, Gae, for stopping by. It is a fun project.

Kim, I think the chickens were getting in over the gate, as it was lower than the garden fence. They are free-range and are never fenced in, hence the fenced garden.

Anonymous, they might eat the bugs but did your book mention they dig up your potatoes and baby carrots to eat? Hmm... not so good in my opinion.