Tuesday, June 30

How many Mini-Vans fit in our Drive?

I do love welcoming people, friends - women especially, into our home. Hospitality is one way I can reach out while still fulfilling my role as a full time Mama. I need to remind myself of this more often. as it is so easy to get busy with life and push things off "for another day".

Let me be honest. It takes effort. While I truly wish it wasn't, it is so worth the extra effort to tidy and throw some bread in the oven and e-mail everyone to come, bring a dish to pass, and let the kids play while us Mamas socialize. And then swiffer five extra times because the dog is shedding like there is no tomorrow.

The weather was absolutely divine. I think I might have cried a little had it not been because once we counted up the kids amongst us there were thirty. Thirty. My yard handles thirty much better than the inside of my home does.

So we chased poultry, pet a lamb, swung, gobbled up delicious food everyone brought and kindly shared, talked about home education, breastfeeding, parenting, silly stuff....

I tried to be diligent and invite several women who have asked to come over. I mean, how could I say no or not make a special day in their honor. They asked! They have more guts than I do. I love that. Having them here blessed my day and I am very humbled that they want to come hang out here. I think I'm pretty boring, actually, and it boggles my mind that women like to be here.

One thing that struck me was what a diverse group of women we all were, sitting there under the trees, chatting. So many differences among us, experiences, parenting ways, education ways...
Little man was glued to my hip while the older kids ran around with new and old friends. I often complain (to myself) of the lack of community or like-minded women, being a part of such a large church as we are. Here was community though most of us don't attend the same house of worship. I suppose this is a lesson to me to cultivate an environment for the community that I want to see.

I went back and forth about taking time to share something to encourage us in our role as mothers in front of the group but chickened out eventually since two of the moms and kids I had never met in person before. Darn introvert in me. Next time....

And now I have to tell you about the delicious salad dressing recipe my friend Summer brought (and share it too).

So make this:
Equal parts apple cider vinegar and sesame oil.
Salt and pepper to taste.
Cilantro and sesame seeds
Maybe a bit of maple syrup.

That's about the way she gave it to me and I made it tonight with the fresh lettuces and peas from the garden, with a dab of honey instead of maple syrup. It was so good.


Tesa said...

I want/need to do this. I am so sad that my pride/fear steps in and makes me feel my house and yard are not good enough to host something simple and lovely. Thank you for the encouragement... and letting your readers "attend" your beautiful get-to-gether via blogworld. :) It is a wonderful way to reach out!

Diane said...

Just your friendship and welcoming was God speaking volumes to these women!

mandi said...

yes! i'm all for creating the kind of community you want. i love all the different backgrounds and perspectives- what a fun day!

gardenmama said...

How lovely to have so many mamas and little ones at your house all at once! Community is a powerful thing to be part of! Looks like a wonderful day : )

Anonymous said...

Share Hannah! You have so much to offer other women!

Janel said...

I struggle so much with this!

This is most convicting: "I suppose this is a lesson to me to cultivate an environment for the community that I want to see."

Thanks for the encouragement!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful to see.