Sunday, June 21

Happy Father's Day to Sean...

I can't even begin to explain what it is like to see my children's lives being blessed by you, Sean. I love your strength, the covering and leadership you bring to our home. I love that you're such a hard, diligent worker, and look forward to coming home each day to see your kiddos (and me!).

I love the adventurous, outdoorsman spirit God has placed in you and I appreciate so much your sharing the adventures with our kids when doubtless it would be easier to be alone in the woods or on the creek sometime. Instead, you're content to have a baby on your back and overlook the occasional rock tossed into the pool you're fishing or take time to help a daughter wade past the rapids at the base of a waterfall.

Our daughters are seeing a great example of a godly husband and father. You are not a proud man and are always ready to ask forgiveness from the children if you need to. I love that about you. Every day that you have been a part of our lives, you've been leading our boys by example in prayer, hard work and love. I can't wait to see the men and women our children become because of your influence.

Sean, I hope this day is relaxing and special. I love you very much!
A Happy Father's Day to my Dad too. Love you much.


Allison said...

Hannah, I really enjoy your blog. I think it is a testament to faith and family. I did not grow up in a positive home. Snide comments and secrets were (and still are) commonplace. My parents love each other but have problems with respect. My mother preferred ( she did not have to) work outside the home for long hours, returning home angry and tired. It have been very troubled by all of this and pray for a change. I do my best to think before I speak and set a positive example.

I am hoping to marry in the next five or so years. I would love to have children and bring them up in a family that is nurturing and compassionate. Do you have any advice for young women like me, who were not raised in a faithful environment? I have read some back posts but would appreciate your advice.

Thank you,

Me said...

Hi Allison, wish I had your email address but since I don't here goes:
The best foundation for marriage is a Christ centered one. I see a lot of self focused marriages and child centered marriages and none of them end well. I'm sure we can think of a few in the news right now.

God, spouse, children, self is usually a fullfulling way of life though doubtless this does not make sense in the mind of man as self preservation is usually put first. It doesn't mean we let ourselves be abused or hurt or neglect our children because we're preferring our spouse.

Make your home a sanctuary and safe place. No child should have to be in fear in their own home, whether from parents fighting or a general grumpy atmosphere. Making time to nurture your relationship with God brings His peace into your home.

I am so sorry that you have to live in a troubling atmosphere. I know how difficult this can be. When you are married or have your own home you can establish your own house rules. If someone comes in and starts acting/talking (snide comments) in a way that makes you uncomfortable just politely say, "We try to encourage each other here..." and change the subject. If they persist and you have children that it is effecting you might have to have them over less often. Sit down afterward and speak kindly and softly with your children, explaining that the behavior they witnessed is not right but they can love the person still and pray for them. Children appreciate your honesty and willingness to talk to them.

I think snide comments and secrets are often told as a way for the person to build themselves up. It is an unhealthy way to establish self esteem. Instead our esteem or identity needs to be built on what God's Word says about us and who we are as His children.

If there is something more specific I can address, let me know.