Tuesday, June 16


Last night we walked, the older kiddos on their scooters, Chase in his stroller beside my friend's kiddos in their stroller and little miss Ella half walking and riding. The air and everything are so fresh and green after the rain and sun. We walked the country road.

I love my friends.

I love their passion for raising their kids. I love that I can talk to them about a rough day and get perspective or rejoice with them when we see improvement and change in a child's heart.

My friend that walked with me last night talked about working on their 3rd and 4th adoptions. Will you keep them in your prayers?

This week is our final foster certification class. Last week we finished our homestudy and I am much relieved that is over. God blessed us with a great homefinder.

Last week I talked with a homeschool mom who went through a nightmare working with the county to adopt and I was so discouraged after talking with her. But then something struck me. After three years working with the county and lots and LOTS of hassles, they adopted foster siblings from out of state. I *think* that maybe that was just what was meant to be. Maybe the hassles were meant to drive them to look out of state to find their children. I certainly can't speak for the family and say that but they are a beautiful family and I see that God has blessed the desires of their hearts.

As we walked last night, my friend Kelly told me about a family she just met with a six month old adopted out of foster care. The opposite.

I think Sean and I just need to trust and follow God's leading. People say to me all the time that they could not do foster parenting because they would get too attached to the children. Don't they realize that that is exactly what the child needs? Someone to attach to? How easy it is to place our comfort above compassion.


Knights' Mama said...

Please don't be daunted by the system. It is broken, and frustrating, and unfair much of the time, but none of that changes the need. We are a homeschooling family with two boys at home, and are 7 months in to our first foster placement of a beautiful little girl. We are dual licensed as foster and foster-tp-adopt, and staying open to the outcome.

I too hear all the time "I couldn't do that because I couldn't bear to give them back." Visiting with a foster mom yesterday who's been fostering for over 30 years and 200+ kids, she had the same answer I do. If everyone felt that way where would these children go? It is certainly not for everyone, and we all find our place to serve. All you can do is love them the best you can while they are with you, and know that they will carry that love and the security with them wherever they go. It has been both one of the hardest and best things I have ever done. Good luck on your fostering journey.

Diane said...

You've come this far.... God will finish the work! The perfect child/children are coming in His perfect timing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting that, it was very true...I hope one day you will have your wish.

Anonymous said...

Hannah, I love reading about your family and I love your perspective about fostering. It is true that too many people put comfort over compassion. I am always inspired by your faith and strength. I have felt called to foster and adopt since childhood and reading about your process really seems like yet another confirmation from God. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your life so openly. Your discussions about parenting and especially the recent post about mothering daughters really keep me focused on the task at hand at some of the most crucial moments. You are guiding so many others through your blog and spreading so much compassion. Thank you!

Diane Shiffer said...

i did foster care for years.... and unless God moves me mightily i will never do it again. it's not that i am worried about my own comfort, or worried about my own heart getting too attached and then breaking into a million pieces... heaven knows that has happened many a time before, and lo and behold, i didn't die from it;)

i suppose the comments section of a blog is not the best place to discuss such weighty things, so i will just stop there, but know that i am praying for your sweet little family♥

Me said...

Thank you for the encouragement, Knight's Mama. I know God isn't calling everyone to serve in the particular area of fostering, it just breaks my heart seeing the need and hearing over and over again the same reason for not doing anything.
Thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment. :)

Love you, Di.

Thanks, Anonymous :)

Thanks, Breedale for taking time to drop in and leave a comment. I too have always wanted to adopt and it does sometimes seem like it has been a long road getting here. I hope our journey continues to be an encouragement to you.

Thanks, Persuaded, for your prayers. I have no doubt that your reasons, whatever they may be, are from an incompassionate heart. :) See - you're living proof to the heartiness of the human heart!


Anonymous said...

I guess one will never be prepared or never really know if it's God's will or not for usre till one has actually done it if one is feeling called. But in everything by faith we know he will close or open doors and we know he will guide us to do whats best for our family, kids and other kids he sees fit to give us. But if your heart is willing to walk by faith we can fully know he will be with us and work it all out for our good. There is never "bad" for the chirstian, it's our own sins and the sins of others that cause the "Bad". but fully trusting in our great God everything will work out for your good. Thats so refrshing to know, so comforting to know, such a peace thats feely ofered to us if we ask and seek it from Him who is ever ready to feely give it overflowingly.

I have a strong desire to take care of needy children. Whether that be here or elsewhere Only he knows. Right now we are seeking to be faithful with what he has given us our 4 children and at times are overwhlemed by this great responsibility. But My husband and i have always talked about adoption while we were courting/dating and so I can see this definitly being in the future for us if God's will.

There is just such a need where we are, right here. There is such a need everwhere, so many orphans and children who just want a place to call home. If I was single i often think id fill my house with them all, but that is all of my emotions speaking. Praise God that he is the father to the fatherless and what perfect example to follow but our heavly fathers who gave his son so that we could be adopted into His family. Thats the perfect model for us to follow and for all of us to seek to have and cultivate such a heart disposition.

I so look forward to reading about your journey through foster care. Alread 2 families in our church are involved and I pray this would be the start of many more families to think and at least consider this act of love to the unwanted and unloved.

Truly giving our lives to Him with require lots of uncomfortableness as wee weed out the sin in our hearts and walk by faith- the hardest things to do but oh so worth it as it pleasing our king and in turn blesses others. thats what it's all about!

god bless you all!