Wednesday, June 17


(the kiddos and a little baby crow they found and cared for)

We finished.
I am still amazed that we had babysitters every week for our children and that they were welcomed into homes where I never had to stop and wonder if they were okay - loving, Godly homes of friends.

The final night of foster classes we sat in front of a panel of twelve and heard stories from folks experienced in fostering and adopting. It was an amazing night.

Hearing stories of two month old twins found in a broom closet weighing 5 lbs each, now flourishing, of a formally incarcerated father stepping up and raising his twin boys with excellence, seeing foster parents talking with grins on their faces about two year olds flinging poo and laughing about the horrendous antics of toddlers, hearing from a grown man, recently graduated from college, sitting and answering questions with his foster/adoptive dad, then heartbreaking stories too of children beaten, hording food, barricading themselves under the bed at night...

I sat there with tears thinking that whether or not these folks have a relationship with God - they are all much better Christians than I am. Their religion is better than mine. The room was warm and packed, so still and quiet as they took turns talking. I couldn't help but think that you could *feel* God's pleasure there that night.


Laryssa Herbert said...

Thank you for sharing these updates on your quest to be the hands of Jesus to the littlest outcasts of our world.

Anonymous said...

I am proud of you and Sean, Hannah. Go for what God is leading you into - you will handle whatever comes with His help!
(Okay, everyone - so I am a wee bit prejudiced when it comes to my lovely daughters and their wonderful husbands!)

Christi said...

Hannah, I just found your blog a couple of days ago & have enjoyed reading through your archives.

You've already been such an inspiration and blessing to me. Thanks so much for sharing your life!

Diane Shiffer said...

ahhh.. the saving of the baby bird! a rite of passage for every child♥

love the sweet pictures my dear☺

Julie said...

Can I just give you one more piece of advice? Have a sense of humor. Sometimes you will have to laugh at things that no one else will ever find funny (except other foster parents).
Hoarding food because they don't know where their next meal is coming from is not funny. Finding where they hid the food can be.
Bios showing up late for visits or not at all is not funny. Hearing excuses for why they missed visit can make you laugh.
Remember as a foster parent your life will never be the same. Never a dull moment completely applies here!
Enjoy it, love on those babies like you have never loved on anyone before, teach them to sing Jesus Loves Me, because when they leave at least you know that they will always have that truth.
Enjoy the journey.