Thursday, May 14

Truth and Grace in Mothering

I am being challenged, in a lot of ways, to be more purposeful in my mothering. I've written before on doing things on purpose, being intentional in building our family and all these good intentions I had are staring me down after a few rough days as a Mama.

As we've become more relaxed around here as formal lessons are finished for the school year, I think I've made the error of relaxing my mothering too. I've found myself asking a child to do something several times before it is done, calling another to come and being ignored, and dealing with tantrums that we haven't seen in a while. It is wearing this Mama down and I'm sure it is mostly my fault.

I can see that my children do better and are happier with a routine in general and for one child in particular, it is pretty much a necessity as it fills a deep need for control and order. And so I am challenged to order our days better, not fly so much by the seat of our pants, give the wee ones some patterns to rely on.

So tonight, while washing a sink of glasses and listening to an online broadcast, I heard the speaker talk about standing in God's grace as a mama and how we can, even if it doesn't FEEL like a grace filled moment. It was good to hear the perspective of balancing these truths about my mothering lately with the truth of God's grace. In that, I am going to rest in tonight. There's much to be done tomorrow.


Me said...


I appreciate your post. You have a good heart and are always cognizant of your mothering duties and always wanting to improve. The Lord sees this.

I remember, as we were homeschooling, how things loosened up in the summertime, with routines all but flying out the window. I think that, in our case anyway, it went fairly well because I was more laid back and just kind of let the kids have their freedom. I did still have chore lists and charts but let them run about outside, catch squirrels, and whatever else. Good luck to you as the summer comes upon us. :)

Jules said...

Hi Hannah!

My name is Julie and I have been reading and following your delightful little blog for quite a while now! I am SO sorry that I haven't commented but I try to limit my time on the computer & just as I seem to start a comment, one of my children will require my attention! I am sure that you know exactly how that is! :)

I do, however, truly enjoy reading your thoughts. Something about your writing really inspires me to be a better wife and mother.

I will continue to drop by and visit and maybe I will even leave a little comment every now and then!