Wednesday, May 13


Home tonight from our third foster parenting class, these babies and not-so-much-babies-anymore of ours are tucked snug in their beds, courtesy of a kind beautiful sitter.
As much as the weather has been warm and we've planted most of the garden and are enjoying watching peas and lettuce and potatoes and other delicious things popping up, inside we've been fighting a winter cold and a first ear infection for Aiden. Poor boy.
Today we puttered some more in the garden, building a small bed for Aiden to plant in. We laid weed cloth down, made walls of brick and leftover countertop bluestone and filled it in with composted horsey-poo. He rattled off to me the things he wishes to grow and I think all but the watermelon wishes will grow fine.

In other news, Eleanora Catherine, little Miss Ella Bella, or Ellie is three now. She is proud of this and looks forward to starting school in the fall, thinking she is big enough now. I suppose I'll just go with that since she's smart as a whip and teach her and Aiden together and see how she does.

Here she sat, face resting in her hands as she was sung to, taking it all in stride, busy being "the sweetheart of our home" as her older sister Annaliese puts it. She really does have herself twisted around each and everyone's heart. There is nothing her brother's won't do for her if she asks sweetly and even when they are rough and make her cry and need to say sorry, they love her hugs and she readily forgives and forgets. I am so happy to see what great playmates she and Annaliese are, inspite of their large age difference. I hope we can continue to foster and nurture that as they grow.

Well, have a good night. Kiss your little ones on the head or if they are grown, write them a note on real paper to send them with a real stamp. Trust me, they'll appreciate it.



Diane Shiffer said...

i love the pink curly bow♥

Lynn Hasty said...

What an adorable little princess you have! But I think all of your children are beautiful.

I enjoyed catching up with you today. About the bees -- I'm as green as the grass in the pictures. :) I know you'll do well with them.