Wednesday, May 27

Laying tracks this week, hearts full of children growing, friends for dinner, flourishing garden, happy little lamb, waddling ducks and more hens in the henhouse. Rainy weather has led to sewing and reading and daydreaming about books for lessons this fall. The library shelf in the pantry is piled full of new favorites we're borrowing, some earmarked to be bought for a permanent place here in our home.

I've been enjoying a few online resources that I'd like to share. The Bible Podcast is brilliantly done. Our kids request it any time we're on a road trip and were thrilled when I downloaded a book onto my laptop to listen to during the day. Done by a composer, it includes beautiful music and song.

Via another blog that I can't pinpoint are these parenting seminars to listen to online. I've been wiping my counters and sweeping the floors and filling the dishwasher tonight with them, especially enjoying the ones for ages 6-10, challenged again as a Mama to target my children's hearts.

I hope your week is going well. Do you have any favorite online podcasts to listen to? Please share...


Holly said...

Hello there! This is my second visit to your blog, it has been a real blessing to me!
I was curious, the piano medley on your playlist, would you happen to have the name for it? I didn't recognize the songs, but, as a pianist myself, thought it was lovely.
Keep up the good work on your beautiful blog!

Michael Lee said...

The thought of you downloading The Bible Podcast and listening on road trips with your kids is just beautiful. Thank you for that image. I can't tell you what an encouragement it is to me.

Bless you and your family.

Boracay beach resort said...

Holly Marie and Me are both curious about it.. The piano medley? can you name it for us.. thanks your answer is deeply appreciated

Melbourne jobs said...

The Bible Podcast and listening on road trips with your kids, its so nice.. they could learn a lot from it.. :)

Me said...

Ahhh! I don't know what the piano medley is! I simply found it by searching for piano music through the free playlist link! SO sorry..