Saturday, May 2

I'll take a dozen of those...

I can't stop loving their waddle. It is one of my favorite things about ducks. That and their soft webbs and bills.

Chase's has added a third word to his repertoire -"duckie". His whole body tenses and straightens and shakes with excitement when he sees them. Together he and I sat by their little triangular house this morning, soaking in the sun, Papa planting fruit trees, the other littles running all about and ducklings in euporia over their fresh new water.

Later, Ella Catherine helped me plant in the garden until we ran out of space. We put in carrots, onions, tomatoes, three kinds of squashes and some hot peppers then walked around saying hi to the baby spinach and counting the baby strawberries and weeding the peas. And still Sean planted fruit trees.

A few loaves of bread to rise in the oven, ingredients for a pasta salad mixed and set on the table, cheerios offered to a hungry little almost one year old monster to nibble. Dishes dried and placed away. A lunch of fat sandwhiches, cheese soldiers and salad and the last fruit tree planted, mulched, and watered for the day.

How is your Saturday coming along?


Diane Shiffer said...

my saturday is going wonderfully well, thank you very much!

(although not nearly so productive as yours has been i'm afraid, lol)

Renee said...

Sounds like a wonderful day. I have been waiting around most of the day for some mulch to arrive for my landscape areas. I have been keeping myself busy with the kids, laundry and kitchen chores. Love your posts and the wonderful pictures you post. Have a great day!


Shannon said...

sounds like a lovely homesteading Saturday. We're planning a good day in the garden today to finish planting and tear up the 2nd half of the garden. Lots of work to look forward to, but it will be fun.

Pam said...


We used to have the same portable coop. My husband built it when we had a few chickens. It could be moved around the yard. Brings back memories!

Unknown said...

adorable. I can't wait to have ducklings and roast duck of course, we have much work to do around our ponds and barnyard before we will be ready for them and right now we are focusing our attention on the house. Maybe next year!! Enjoy them, they are adorable and yummy too =)