Saturday, May 16

He stood silhouetted in the kitchen doorway this evening, holding a slightly flattened squirrel by one paw with two fingers. "Hey, look, Papa. See what I found out by the woodpile? Think there's any good meat on it? It is a bit stinky."
Papa smiled, told him to go throw it in the burn pile and come wash for dinner. Off Aiden ran, tossing the squirrel, back to wash and scrub.
I love my boys to death. I can't believe how much I love being their Mama. They fascinate me.

Tonight, a supper of homemade pizzas in the oven, Sean busily packing up the truck for a trip to the cabin with a few of the kids, kids laughing, chasing, putting out plates and cups at one of the picnic tables for dinner - the happy buzz and hum of home.

Here I am with two of my little men and the pooch, on the porch, enjoying the last rays of a perfectly beautiful day. We began working on order and routine again today and it was almost as if everyone breathed a collective sigh of relief, knowing what is expected, what comes next, a rhythm of relief to our days.

Tomorrow is half price day at a favorite thrift store in a big (er) city an hour away, followed by the baby shower of a childhood best friend of mine. It is wonderful knowing someone for your whole life who isn't family. I am so happy for her, seeing this new blessing in her life.

I took time yesterday to sort through bins in the attic, seeing what kiddo needs what for next fall and winter and have a mental list to put to paper for tomorrow's sale. We'll rise early, eat a treat of a sugary sweet breakfast and fruit in the van and hopefully get there as it opens, beating the crowds I hear will be prevalent.

Have a beautiful weekend.


Anonymous said...

Hope you got some wonderful deals yesterday. The shop that i love down here, only seems to put the stuff I do not want on half price ! LOL


Anonymous said...

The same child who inquired about eating the squirrel wanted to know if we were going to "get the meat off" one of my chickens that the neighbor dog killed yesterday!