Friday, May 22

Guess what's in our garage.

Has your week been as busy and full as ours has? I went out early in the morning to walk just once, the dew soaking my feet, Bear trodding alongside me, her coat wet from the tall grasses.

The view - beautiful.

Watching the first of the days rays fall across the hills, lifting the haze from the valley floors is one of my favorite things.

The week filled itself up quickly. Foster class one night, insulating the boys new bedroom with fancy spray in insulation (necessary because of the thin walls and the wind whipping against that side of the house in winter, and wonderful because it has no odor),cutting out a 1950's gown to wear to my sister's wedding in a few weeks, a friends for lunch, errands, painting a hall floor, and much, much other fun with my children that I am so thankful for.

This morning we finished chores and left the house early, taking in some country garage sales, visiting an Amish grocery shop, and walking around this beautiful campus before heading to lunch with a very sweet friend and her two kids. Tonight we gardened, putting in another raised bed, unloading another truckload of composted manure, setting in tomato plants and covering them with an A-frame of windows. We also welcomed a new farm animal here. It is living in our garage. Yes, I'm serious. Some people have garages full of junk. Ours, a..... Any guesses?

Tomorrow Sean and a friend will be picking up four trailer loads of dismantled barn wood and tin roofing. That will turn into a shed for firewood, maybe an expanded poultry house and with lots left for other ventures.

Enjoy your weekend, may it be full and lively and happy like ours!



Laryssa Herbert said...

Hmmm...a goat, rabbits or ducks?

Sommer said...

Could it be a cow? They have such sweet eyes :-)


GrannyBoo said...

well, let's see. I have been looking at feeder lambs all week (aka, lawnmowers) but I don't think that's it. I'm guessing a milking goat.

Anonymous said...

So you are going to keep us guessing?
Let.s see - a lamb, a goat, a lama...? a cow?

Val said...

A donkey?

Diane Shiffer said...

once we found a ferret in our garage...

but i suspect you have something (or someone) altogether different;)

Alison said...

What's in you garage? I need to know!

I also just want to let you know how much I love your blog and how encouraging it is to me. I started reading when you posted the chicken butchering instructions(you totally inspired me)and have continued reading ever since. I love you humility, your love of the Savior, and the joy you have in serving your family. God is really using you as an example of what I should strive to be when I am older and married some day. Thanks for blogging!

Kim said...

A dairy goat?


Me said...

An unsummoned guest, maybe?...a badger?

Karen said...

My guess is a cow too. I want a Jersey cow but don't have the room to keep it.
We settled for chickens after seeing your chickens and your butchering experience.