Saturday, May 30

For the past few months, our Wednesday nights have been spent in foster care training. Usually good friends watch the kiddos, graciously saving us a bit of moola as we sit in a hot room in hard chairs and listen to sad stories. My heart cries out every week for grace and mercy on the families and children affected.

A few of you have e-mailed me and asked me to tell more about our plans and kindly asking how things are going.

We have three classes left, which we are eagerly and joyfully counting down. We've been given an extra car seat and beautiful second crib and Sean has been busily working away at another bedroom, insulating and wiring while I plan and look forward to the decorating stage of things.

I would be lying if I didn't confess that these foster waters into which we prayerfully tread are slightly overwhelming. There is so much brokenness involved. Broken lives and broken system. As much as we can, we're preparing the kids to welcome another child into our home, knowing that we will be caring for them and welcoming them into our family for what will most likely be a short time, cushioning them as we can against the heartache that will involve.

And really, that is all that is going on with the foster/adoption pursuits. Around home, we are celebrating the end of lessons for the year, still doing lots of reading and learning but embracing that blissful relaxed summer mode. Summer is a short few months up here so we savor them while we can.


Diane said...

Week by week, God is preparing and softening you for what lies ahead. There will be many butterflies in the stomach along with so many unimaginable precious moments for you all to cherish!

Unknown said...

I'll be praying for you and your family as you begin the foster care journey. I have a good friend who has had several foster children in her house these past couple years. I have cried with her in the hard times, and rejoiced in the blessings as well.
Only God can truly prepare your heart to receive these children into your family. Trust in his unfailing provision.
These children will be truly blessed to be a part of your household!

Christy said...

This past fall and into winter we went through the fostering/adopting classes as well. After each class, our hearts were overwhelmed with love and compassion for these children!! We just got our first placement last week...a precious 14 month old little boy...he was only with us for 4 days. Enough to make us fall in love with him!! We are thankful for each opportunity we may have to share God's love and compassion with his Little Ones!! :)

Beth said...

Our dear friends just took in another foster daughter last week. She was removed from horrifying circumstances on her second birthday. Heartbreaking. But thank God for foster families who are willing to love a child who has never experienced true love.

The foster care community is mostly made up of people who have compassion for the "least of these." It is a wonderful way to be involved with the community and reflect the love of Christ with those who may not know Him.

I am excited for your family... it is hard, but truly worth every tear you will shed (and every hair that will turn gray:-).

Me said...

And I'll be calling you crying when those moments aren't so precious Diane!

Jennifer, thank you. We appreciate your prayers!

Christy - kudos to you and your hubby!

Me said...

Beth, we are treading into these foster care waters knowing that it will *cost* our family something. It would be so easy to keep our family cozy and secure as it is. This is where we sense God's leading and we trust that our kids (and ourselves) are in His care.