Sunday, May 24

Best way to worship

Home this morning with two little ones with colds who need extra sleep, groggy eyed myself at the breakfast table, wishing to be in church, I heard myself praying, "Lord, help each of us know how to best worship You today...." and immediately wondered where that came from.

After thinking on it for awhile, I believe the best way I can worship God this morning is caring for my worn out children, resting, and having a thankful, worshipful heart; content in the circumstances of the day.

How about you?


Me said...


What a thoughtful prayer. The Holy Spirit was guiding a tired mama today. ;)

I was able to worship today in a different way than normal. My MIL was out of town and asked if I would teach her Relief Society (a women’s class in church) lesson. It just so happened that my son was teaching the identical lesson to the men. This opportunity led to us being able to prepare together our talks last night and as a result have a spiritual conversation and study time. Today, then, was spent worshiping by teaching and by learning from the other ladies in the class.

May you find blessings in you life this week.

~Babychaser~ said...

Thank you for this great reminder. I've been trying to figure out how I can be worshiping and pondering on God throughout every day and moment... What a great reminder that doing the very things we are called upon to do with the right attitude and heart toward our Creater is full of worship!

Ways of Zion said...

Thank you for this post! On my weekly schedual, taped to the kitchen cupboard I have scribbled "In serving my family, I am serving my Lord" It helps me keep everything in focus