Saturday, April 25

The weekend

It's 9:30 and the house is quiet and still. Last night Sean took the two older boys and wee little Ella up to the cabin for a camp out with a good friend and his son.

They had a great time, tramping through the woods, eating Papa made food, and getting stuck with the truck in spring mud. I think we did that once before almost exactly a year ago?

While they were stuck, we partied on here bridal shower style for my younger sister Katie with Chase and Ella and lots of Katie's friends. It was a gorgeous 80-something day!

Meanwhile, up north, the same retired NYPD pulled Sean out with his vintage tractor. I think I owe that man a plate of cookies.
The kids came home covered in mud from hair to toes, tired and smiling all the while. Baths, dinner, and a slight breakdown into tears signaled time for bed.

So now the house is quiet. I've a babe to nurse before bed and a beautiful day of rest tomorrow, which I am greatly looking forward to. Aren't you?

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Unknown said...

I love weekends. I love 'em so much. Well my Saturday was kind of depressing but Sunday was glorious. I've been wanting to reply to your little note to me over at my place, I have an Elisa, who we call Ellie or Elle. And an Andrew. Fostering was all at once wonderful and awful for us. I loved the kids so very much, I would take them all, but the system was a nightmare for us. It was so demanding of us and so set up to cater to the biological parent, I don't know if we just had really poor social workers, but it seemed to be the norm. And constantly being opposed to the secular humanism that was predominant in the system was very depressing for us.

When we started having kids of our own, and the fact that we live 40 minutes from the city and had to be running foster kids around to so many appointments we realized it just wasn't conducive to the type of lifestyle we wanted to offer them. If I could just adopt them and have them home and love on them all day I would fine, but having to have two different lifestyles (our kids homeschooled, foster kids had to be part of public school) it just wasn't what we envisioned. I still dream of doing it when our kids are gone. Somehow I would love to take in the mothers AND the children. That's a dream of mine. Guess we'll see down the road if it's a God instilled dream.