Thursday, April 9

In which I contemplate the cuteness of our kiddos...

It's been one of those slow, contemplative weeks. I feel God's presence very close. I love His strength.

The kids and I sprung for a picnic in the park one sunny afternoon while wispy clouds lazily floated through the sky.

Rotating seasonal clothes for the kiddos, I am always amazed at how much they have grown and how differently in size, personality, and preferences kids from the same family can be. I love their uniqueness.
I love that our oldest daughter is giggly, loves telling jokes to the point of insanity(her Papa's), is constantly reading or crafting or creating or drawing and hates math. I love that she's grown inches this past winter and I can see forward to when she'll be looking at me eye to eye. I love listening to her answer questions about the gospel, asking to be baptized, living out her faith. I love that she nags me to have people, neighbors, anyone over...

I love Andrew's sweet spirit. I love that he is thin and wiry and I can barely pick him up anymore, that every ounce of his thinness is muscle-ness. I love that every object is magically transformed into weaponry and our yard is littered with bows and arrows and spears all of the homemade sort. He told me the other day that reading is almost his favorite past math now, an enormous miracle of which I am in awe of. Such a long road its been that I feel like belting out a Hallelujah Chorus~!

Pig-tailed Ella Catherine is silly and happy and full of hilarious antics. I love that she converses easily with adults, asks me what big words mean and then adds them to her vocabulary, and asks to read. I love how she accentuates the last syllable of the last word in her sentences.

This guy. How could all of us not be head over heels in love with this fellow, grins and hollers, wet open mouthed kisses and sneaky sharp bites, hysterical laughter and funny cry with a pouty lip flipping into a big grin as soon as he's picked up. I love that he's currently a Mama's boy.

Aiden Christopher. Today I was reminded of a night four years ago that I spent sitting on a hospital bed, him in my arms. When I closed our door to the rest of the noisy hospital he was two days old and showing signs of kidney failure and we were overwhelmed with the multiple diagnosis being tossed our way. He and I sat together all night and prayed and sang praises to God, interupted only by nurses intent on monitering him. And here he is.

I often joke to Sean that if only our kiddos were mean and wretched or if only they weren't so cute it would be a lot easier to not have any more. Think I'm crazy? Just scroll up and look at that toothy grin and shining blue eyes. Resistance is futile, I tell you.


Unknown said...

I know exactly what you mean...

Love those big baby blues

MommaJXS said...

I have been following your blog for a while now, and I admire you and your family so much!
I am so curious as to how you manage your time so well. I have 3 kids (4,2,and 2 months) and seem to get NOTHING done some days!
You need to post an example of a typical day for you. I would love a glimpse into how your day goes. I try to have a schedule of some sort, but it usually goes down the drain by about 1 pm! haha
Anyways, I just want you to know that our young family looks up to yours :) God bless you guys.

Diane Shiffer said...

isn't it amazing that one's own children are simply the most beautiful.. ravishingly beautiful things you've ever seen?

and just think. that's how God feels about *us*...... wow.

Beth said...

Children are very addictive. I am amazed at how my love grows with each one added. I often think it is sad when someone says, "My two kids are more than enough for me." What blessings they are missing out on!

Your kids are precious... my Isaac and your Andrew would get along splendidly with their homemade bows, arrows, and spears.


Karen G. said...

You have a beautiful family and you and Sean are blessed.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog too.. I have a question for saving money mommies... I shop sales, Thrift stores... Where does one find decent and I mean decent sneaks for girls, that do not cost an arm and a leg?
I have bought since september for my oldest 2 pairs of sneaks, and the second pair has been falling apart since December of last year. They were not cheap, well I guess to some they mightbe, but I just can not in my own head justify spending 50.00 on sneaks for a 6year old.
Hannah I would love some insight. I am on the east coast like you, so we should have some of the same chain stores. Anyones help would be greatly apperciated !

Thanks! Sue

Me said...

Hi, Jennifer, thanks for stopping by!
Christina, I'll plan a post like that soon. I did one last year but with five kids now, our days are different. Your kiddos are still pretty young. Things get much easier as they get older and the older ones can help put shoes on a younger sibling and contribute more in the way of chores. Thanks for the idea, I'll get going on it!

Persuaded, so true, so marvelous to think of.

Beth, I am more saddened when folks have two children and desire more and that door is closed for them, but yes, I know what you mean.

Thanks, Karen. We think we're blessed too and are often overwhelmed by it.

Sue, I shop two local Salvation Army stores (shamelessly) and every once in a while get to a Goodwill. Kids shoes are hit or miss. I find better, newer ones at the thrift store in the larger city. I've picked up some practically new cute European ones that way. But sneakers are hard to come by that way. For those I hit up Target or Marshalls. Chase's little green chucks in these photos were about $15 that way and I absolutely love that style sneaker for boy or girl.

Anonymous said...

How blessed you are with all your precious children. it is wonderful to se eyou are raising them to love and admonish the Lord.

Lynn Hasty said...

Hannah, your children are precious! I can so relate to how you feel.


Me said...

Beautiful post, Hannah. What adorable children you have! You are a good mommy who loves the Lord; I can tell. :)