Sunday, March 15

Thirty Glimpses into our Day

A neighbor's woodpile. I think stacked wood is pretty.
Fresh eggs.

Sean made me a frittata. Sean makes delicious frittatas!

My kids love to go to the natural food store and smell all the soaps to buy for me. This works out wonderfully since I love receiving them.

Annaliese wrapped this package. Isn't it great?

Goats milk soap. Wonderful.
I shall be very sweet and clean.

An angel Andrew Douglas drew for me. And a sword. Because he draws nothing without swords. Swords are vital. It's very apocalyptic don't you think?

Late that night we went for a walk with my Dad and stepmom, my younger sister and her fiance, and kiddos. My Mom held down the fort with Chase.

I want something "big and chocolate" was my request. Sean made me this chocolate tart from Cooks Illustrated.

I think I'll go have another piece right now.

Katie and Josh. Pretty soon to be newlyweds.

Andrew serenaded me first thing in the morning. He is the best serenader I know of.

Ella Catherine greeted me with some of her faces. A little known fact is that Jim Carey has nothing on this kid. She could out-face him any day. And she has no idea who Jim Carey is, which I like.

I tell this kiddo all the time to stop being so cute. He doesn't listen.

Aiden played with my camera. He is a super four year old photographer.

A fiddle.
I really, really have wanted to learn how to play the fiddle. Sean bought me a student one. I love it. I love that you-tube has lessons on fiddle playing. I am sorry for the rest of the ears in the house, but I love my fiddle. I can play "Bile them cabbage down" which beats learning how to play "Mary had a Little Lamb", right?

I am thirty.
I love being thirty. I was a little intimidated by it but I love it, The last decade of my life has been filled with incredible experiences and I know the next will too. Thank you for all the birthday greetings. Sean sat down at the breakfast table and simply said, "I hijacked your blog." He didn't mention all the nice things he said which I now have to live up to.
He's too sweet.


goddessof4 said...

Happy birthday!!!!! It looks like you had a great day!!!! Sara

mandi said...

happy bday to you! what a day! i must say- the 30's are fantastic! and i should know...i AM 32, practically an expert : )

Diane Shiffer said...

number 19 is my favorite♥

what an absolutely wonderful post!

Anonymous said...

Number 13 is um amazing. said...

Happy Birthday Hannah - I enjoy reading your blog. Thirties are a wonderful decade with the majority of your time raising your children. Time goes quickly - savor the moments

Craig and Bethany said...

All the photos, what a great idea for a smattering of life. Feels like a birthday firework. Splendid, thanks!

Happy Hermit ( said...

How very wonderful. Thank you for taking the time to share.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog so much! Thank you so much for all that you share with us. You are an inspiration on so many levels. Take care.

Me said...

Oh Hannah,

Your pictures make me miss our life on the land when my littles were little.

You have got a wonderful family. I know that one can never go back for seconds in life, but oh...I wish that I could.

Blessings to you :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Hannah, sorry it's a bit late. God has blessed you richly in your 30 years!

Unknown said...

OH! One of my favorite songs playing, one of my favorite things in the header photo (clothespins *wink*, I have this think about clotheslines, clothespins and all things laundry...) 5 kids, cultivating and old home, I also have a son named Andrew who is all about swords...girl... we've got a LOT in common! I just fell in love with the glimpse into your life given in this first post. I found you through my google feeds recommendation and girl, you did *not* disappoint. Off to add you to my reader!

Unknown said...

oh and youtube has fiddle has vimeo on learning the fiddle??? Please send me a link! I have a fiddle and played as a child and would LOVE to pick it up again.