Thursday, March 5

"My response is my responsibility"

"My response is my responsibility."

This powerful one liner is our topic tonight in our marriage and family group courtesy of Dr. Emerson Eggerich in the book Love and Trust. Sean and I have been talking about it back and forth for a few weeks now. It's like a universal phrase covering a multitude of situations and relationships, don't you agree?

"My response is my responsibility."

I see it easily be applied to traffic and road-rage. I see it fitting parent/child interactions. I see it applying to rude people's comments in grocery stores, being cut off in line....

"My response is my responsibility."

Lately, I find myself thinking of it when I am faced with a defiant child's attitude. I think of it when I have been up all night and do not "feel" like being a gracious wife or mother, do not feel like cooking a warm breakfast. I think of it when I come home to a messy house and I'm tired and I just want to go to bed. I think of it in respect to family situations.

"My response is my responsibility."

It doesn't matter if I have asked one of the kids to be quiet twelve times when their younger siblings are napping... It doesn't matter if I feel loaded with housework and childcare and my spouse is chilling on the couch.... Whatever the situation, my response is my responsibility.

I love my husband. He's a pretty awesome guy. A few weeks ago Sean told me about a situation at work where someone got in his face about a un-work related issue and forcefully said un-respectful and un-appreciated things to Sean. Obviously, something else was currently going on in the man's heart and he just needed to vent and Sean was there.

Sean could have fiercely negated everything said, put the responsibility of the situation back on the man involved and turned heel. He said everything in him wanted to. He had a right to yell back. He had an understandable right to make the dude look bad. Instead he simply and calmly said, "I have never spoken to you in a disrespectful manner. I have always treated you professionally and with respect, and I ask that you do the same with me."
The guy threw up his hands and walked away.

See, folks where Sean works see that he is a Christian.

I read a great quote yesterday that "out of 100 people, 1 will read the Bible, 99 will read the Christian."

If you are a Christian, think hard about the applications of this statement in your life.

"My response is my responsibility."


Ways of Zion said...

about the last quote, so true. We aim to read the Bible not the Christian.

very good statement....I might post in on my board in the study!

Unknown said...

Oh how hard it is to do want you don't want to do. You are right though. It is our responsibility to respond like the One we are named after.

A said...

Excellent post. Thank you for the reminder.

Anonymous said...

Very inspiring post. New to your blog and enjoying it very much.
Christian SAHM of 3

Happy Hermit ( said...

Your really Convey Well. Thank you for sharing.

Me said...

Wonderful post, Hannah. I love the way your husband was able to calm himself. I can relate with you on the overwhelming feelings of motherhood and the patience it takes.

Today, I was drawing blood on a very large woman. She bragged about her good vein she had for me; we exchanged pleasantries; I commented on the nice color of her hair. Well, I missed the vein—not once, but twice. Her nice attitude went quickly out the window, and she demanded, in not-so-nice terms, that someone else take over. It was frustrating. I would have loved to give it right back to her. I was upset at myself for not getting the seemingly fine vein. I was upset at her for her rudeness.

Once I was home, and after some thought, I conceived that probably, this woman was very uncomfortable with herself. Perhaps she was unhappy with her size and at having to use a walker—perhaps due to her size—and having to use oxygen—once again, perhaps due to her size. It was easy to see then, where her feelings could have originated from. I just happened to fail and because of that was on the receiving end of her resentment. “My response is my responsibility.” Great quote! Think I’ll hang it on my fridge.

Diane Shiffer said...

"my response is my responsibility' i read this yesterday when i was visiting... then found myself repeating it to my daughter last evening. what a wonderful quote! and as you said, it covers pretty much every situation.

thank you so much for sharing!

ann said...

I LOVE that quote Hannah!

Thank you so much for sharing it.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is excellent! Thanks, Hannah!

4 Sisters said...

Wow. I am convicted. This is something that our parents have drummed into the heads and hearts of me and my sisters for as long as I can remember.

"It doesn't matter if your sister says an unkind word, it is your responsibility to respond with a soft answer to turn away wrath."

Unfortunately, it gets harder when you get older, doesn't it? It was a good reminder that many people will read us to see what Christianity is all about. What a priviledge, but what a responsibility!


Melissa said...

This speaks such truth and as I read it I was thinking that when we don't "feel" like doing housework, etc... it is based on our emotions. Which, if we haven't looked at Truth first,then our raw emotions cannot be trusted. We must act on Truth and filter our emotions by what God says. Emotions are very real, but we cannot make daily decisions based upon them. Especially when we are being a "suitable helpmate" and training our children in righteousness! Thank you for the convicting encouragement :)

Erin said...

Terrific much food for thought. Thank you so much...

shoutingforha said...

Thanks for this post. It was a good reminder... one that I needed to hear today.

Anonymous said...

"My response is my responsibility." I love that! It reminds me of another quote I always keep tucked in my pocket: "We have no control, only choice." Thanks for sharing, Hannah :)

Patton's With Passion said...

What a great post!
I struggle to find balance in not being pushed around in life vs. not fueling the fire. Its so hard to know what the right response is sometimes, and how to guide our children to make the right choice.

Della said...

Wow! Thanks for this...really. This is something I struggle with and you just blessed the time out of me!