Monday, March 30

After spending most of last week curled up sick, I am enjoying playing house, cooking, and teaching the kids again. Sean was a faithful nursemaid, cook, cleaner, provider, and much, much more last week. I love that man so much....

Every day Andrew sits beside me and we work through a new page in his reader. After two years of serious struggles to read, he is finally getting the hang of things. I am so thankful for good friends who reassured me not to worry, they having had boys who weren't ready to read till age seven or so. He and I take it easy and it is quite enjoyable. He snuggles into my side and follows the words on the page with his finger, rough and stained with dirt from boy adventures and working on boy things. Our little woods behind the house is full of dead-falls and drop traps since we read about those. If he catches his rabbit, I will cook it for him. I've promised.

Annaliese is scurrying through the remainder of her work for this school year. We usually begin in August, so if by May the work is done, then our little country school is let out. Right now we are enjoying co-op classes every Friday with friends and fellow homeschoolers. The kiddos are taking drama, adventure reading for boys, ooey-gooey fun, gym and animal habitats. I'm really enjoying teaching the adventure reading class and a historic sewing class. I'm simply amazed at how well these new sew-ers are handling the project. I gave them the choice of making either a regency gown or 1914 afternoon dress from Jennie Chancey's patterns.

On the home front, more construction is under way. Sean has finished running all the new water lines for the two upstairs bathrooms and the *NEW* downstairs bath. Walls are up and door in place. Oh what I would have given for a downstairs bath while pregnant! Every once in a while I have a whim to move out to our little cabin in the woods and then I remember that the bathroom there is a cold dark hike to the outhouse in the middle of the night... and there are bears....and its cold....and dark.... and reality hits and I'm content to live here with two toilets to scrub.

The house is quiet now. It's late and the littles are tucked into bed. I spent the evening spring cleaning our bedroom and rotating kids clothes, putting away woolens and corduroy dresses and flannel shirts and taking out light pants, twirly dresses and shorts. The shorts will have to stay on the shelves for a while. It flurried here tonight.

Have a beautiful night,


Unknown said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better. Thank you for you posts - they are often encouraging in just he right way. (We are sick here this week, but I know next week will be better.)

Me said...

Oh Hannah,

I didn't realize that you were expecting; congratulations!

MamaHen said...

Hi! I found your blog thru a comment you made on A Mother's Journal. I love the look of your blog and hope to come back tonight after the kids are in bed and look for awhile. I live on a little hobby farm and have four children. We hope to adopt our baby girl by the end of the year so then we will have five too!

Wimberly Farms said...

I have followed your blog for some time now and adore your family. We seem to be kindred spirits. I admired the cabin in the woods and could see my husband building that, although I must admit I would need a bathroom.
I was wondering in what part of the country you live? I noticed that you seemed to have snow later than we did in Tennesee.

Me said...

Lisa, we are still a bit under the weather! Today is warm and sunny so we packed a picnic and went to the park. The house is open, the fresh air blowing in!
Zebu - nope, not expecting. Stomach bug. :(
Thanks Mama Hen:)
Lu, we live in upstate New York. It is beautiful here but the winter lasts half of the year.:(