Monday, February 16

Vintage Housedress

I have had this super cute pattern in my stash for years. I think it is a new favorite, so quick and easy to sew up and I LOVE the big pockets. More photos here.


Trudy said...

Very nice, Hannah. I love vintage fashions as well. I sewed up a dress from the 1970s with ruffles on the sleeves and neckline and a1940s dress. The one you chose is very lovely and feminine. By the way, I've been reading your blog for a couple of years now, but have only recently commnented. I have been very blessed. I love your heart of wanting to help people. I especially enjoyed the cooking video and made them up that night myself for my family for dinner. Thanks. Trudy

50s Housewife said...

I LOVE it! Would love to have one myself. :)

Me said...


I think that house dresses should make a come-back! I love pockets, and the dresses are so comfortable. I had an apron on the other day, and it was so easy to keep tissues in for the little man who had a non-stop runny nose. No running back and forth to the bathroom.

I have always heard negative things about house dresses; things tend to go in cycles though, so maybe it's time for their re-entry. :)

Lynn Hasty said...

Hannah, it's very pretty! Makes me want to sew, but I better use my day off today to get school work and house cleaning done!


Leila said...

You did a beautiful job on that dress, and it looks beautiful ON you!!
You are right- very feminine and flattering.

Miss Matilda said...