Wednesday, February 25

There was a great homeschool Mom's night out on Monday. Sean stayed home with the littles and I got a chance to go out all by my self! Can you believe it!

One friend shared what God has been teaching her about true greatness these past weeks. You could have heard a pin drop. She spoke for God.

Afterward many of the women spoke of what God has taught them over the years about teaching character and developing character in our children. Many of these women have years on me as a Mom and as a home educator and it was so good, so refreshing to hear their wisdom and perspectives.
One thing in particular that God spoke to me through one of the ladies was that we often carry this heavy load of all that we need to do as Mom's to develop character in our children, and true, that is one of our responsibilities. But often we carry the entire weight of this, when in fact a lot of it is not ours to carry. It is God's spirit that will work in our children's hearts and lives just as He has worked in each of our lives and continues to do.

We cannot be the Holy Spirit for our children. We can only teach them to listen, to be soft hearted, obedient, and willing to God's voice.

In the midst of all these conversations another mom gave us all hand massages with her essential oils, we snacked and the adoption, RAD, FAS talking began.

I heard homeschoolers get a bad rap from a pretty notable Christian speaker recently. It really turned my stomach. I don't mind people thinking we're different as a family or questioning the details of how home education works. Questions are how we all learn.

This man said that homeschooling is a breeding ground for legalism.

In the same breath he could easily point to prayer groups as a breeding ground for gossipers or the church for hypocrites. See, the thing is, you can point to any group and highlight it's lowest common denominator. It just isn't a fair way to work or a necessarily good assessment.

I wish he could have sat in with us the other night. Some of the most self-less people I know were there. Folks raising kids the foster system ruined, kids with brains literally poisoned by alcohol, kids that were abused as infants, AIDS orphans, kiddos that couldn't receive a hug or any other type of affection until they were four years old without having a seizure.

There wasn't a denim jumper or pair of long braids or a bun in the room (though right now I'm wishing for long hair to throw back in a braid!). If there had been, don't you think the love of their lives would have outshone their wardrobe choices? I do.


Anonymous said...

Hear, Hear !
great post.


Christie said...

How very true!

I think so many things in conservative circles get labeled by the ones who abuse them. Can homeschooling breed legalism? Of course. That doesn't mean that homeschooling is the wrong choice. Are there abusive men out there? Most definitely... but that doesn't mean we do away with the biblical view of patriarchal/male headship. Are there abusive parents? Sadly, yes... but that doesn't mean we should do away with our duty to train and discipline our children.

There will always be bad examples of good things... which is why we need to constantly be on our knees before God seeking to reflect Him and His ways properly.

Thanks for sharing! Your children are absolutely precious!!

Craig and Bethany said...

I think you're doing a good job.

Roxanne said...

I just RSS'd your blog after skimming through and like what I saw.

I HAD to comment on your latest post. I want to comment on the pictures!

Your photography is lovely and creative. I LOVED the baby sleeping pic.

Makes me want to go smooch on my no-long-a-baby 6yo! He won't object since he's asleep LOL!


Ali said...

Well, I guess the best thing we homeschoolers can do is live a life contrary to what the world stereotypes a homeschooler to be(regarding the legalism, not the clothing ;).

I also want to thank you for your lovely blog. I'm a seventeen year old, homeschooled, senior who happens to have an affinity for "mommy blogs". I love reading about your sweet children and your life that is so focused on Christ. You've definitely inspired me. Ha, we even began to raise meat chickens for slaughter after reading you blog post on the subject! :)

The Aardvark said...

I suppose it is the "Pastor's" perceived job to dream up Issues on which to pontificate.

God bless you for choosing to educate your little arrows. Whilst "Pride" is doubtless a sin most dire, abandoning one's children to the tender-mercies of the State must rank up there as well.

If there is a permissible small-p pride, then it would be well-applied to kinder who can read, do sums, and have an ability to reason. Perhaps thankfulness to God for same would be better placed.

Keep teaching, keep blogging, and keep molding those little hearts for the Kingdom!

Me said...

Thank you all so much for your comments. I try not to get on any sort of political/religical soapbox too often! (smile)

Mr. Aardvark, I am proud of my children but you are right - I am so thankful to God for these children and I would not, could not, educate them or raise them so fully without the practical day to day leading and guidance my Savior. Everything good in them is not a reflection of me.


Happy Hermit ( said...

It is so wonderful to hear your views on this.