Monday, February 2

Heat Wave

Yes, 42 degrees feels like spring, a regular 'ole January heat wave in upstate New York. All these weeks of staying "mostly" indoors on those days that never reached past ten degrees has taken its tole on the small ones with colds and coughs.

The sparkling lights in Chase's eyes has just returned after a six day fever and some major cuddle time with any available arms.

This is one wiped out Mama looking forward to warm barefooted spring days, drooling as I do over all the winter seed catalogs, mentally planning this year's garden.

On the homefront so much is happening beside winter colds. This Thursday we'll begin a marriage and family focus group, learning together about building a strong marriage and functional family. We're using the book Love and Respect as a loose compass, expecting God to do great things through our home as these great couples gather. If you are local, feel free to stop by. E-mail us at cultivatinghome (at) uticasystems (dot) com for directions.

My handsome, hard working, awesome husband is scheming starting a manly version of cultivating home to minister God's truth to the men out there reading this admittedly feminine blog. I've been accused of using flowery language and losing readers with posts on sewing and cooking. Umm... ahem... I am a woman. (Smile.)
I can promise that there will be some sort of political, fix-it, parenting, hunting, sarcasm, religion and whit going on. No flowery prose. So all you menfolk can look forward to that. Sean is taking suggestions for a blog name. Any suggestions? Hint, hint - leave one in the comment section!
Have a great afternoon. I'm go to try to sneak in a quick nap.


Phase II said...

i think i read somewhere-sometime on your blog that you purchased food from Angelfire. I am considering it and am just wondering about the quality.

Glad all is feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hannah,

We just got the book Love & Respect from the library and have found it to be extremely relevant and applicable to our marriage (and I assume most marriages). The premise is so true.

Lucy said...

I'm a bit gormless about naming stuff, but considering the name of your blog and the fact that it a manly/buildery/engineery word and I think means something that would be an appropriate image for Sean's purpose, what about Cantilvering the home. lol - I did say gormless!

Me said...

Hi Hannah,

I love the pictures, especially of baby in sled. :) It's nice to hear that you are all on the mend and that you could enjoy some time outside. Blessings to you. :)

P.S. I will be doing a container garden this Spring and would be open to comments or suggestions. My gardens in the past have been in-ground. Container gardens are supposed to be somewhat easier but maybe a bit harder taking them inside and outside a lot...? We'll see. ;)

Pam said...

Yes to it all! The book is a good one to go through. The heatwave has been heavenly. It's good to have children feeling better with a sparkle in the eyes. Mama is tired, and Daddy is simply wonderful! Ditto to you!


Lynn Hasty said...

Hannah, I love your new header. I am glad to see that your little ones are getting better amd better.


Me said...

Barbara, I haven't heard of angelfire before. What is it?
Thanks, Lucy, for the suggestion. I'll pass it on to Sean.
Zebu, I am a wanna be green-thumb-er. I haven't quite arrived there yet. Both of my parents are amazing gardeners and it is always a comfort to me that if my garden is a flop, my Dad has more than enough to share! That said, I love garden books and have had a steady diet of them this winter. I plan on doing raised beds this year and using containers for mint and lemon balm, two herbs that will take over if planted in the ground. I've also thought of doing lettuce on the porch, since it doesn't last long in the hot garden.
Pam, glad your family is feeling healthy again too!
Thanks, Lynn. The new header is my attempt to look professional. (Haha!)I read that if one wishes to get sponsors for their blog, it has to look professional.

Phase II said...

Not angelfire ... angel food ministries. I couldve sworn it was you. it is a food coop of sorts usually run through a church. our branch is in Franklin Oh well I will keep looking.
thanks anyway

ps great new look

Anonymous said...

I hope you enjoy your book and discussions. We found Love and Respect to be one of the best things to happen to our already-great marriage. We read it about three years ago, and through our past few years of difficult times, I've been so thankful we had that stronger foundation. Good luck!