Friday, January 9

(Sean, Annaliese Kaelin and I Easter 2001)

This afternoon Sean is busy organizing, cleaning, and sorting the garage. Not a fun job on this cold winter day but it will be so nice once it is done. The older three children are cutting and taping and making themselves armor and masks while I try to woo the littler ones into a time of napping.

This morning Miss Eleanora Catherine helped me sort through the master bedroom. I am a terribly sentimental person and have been trying to stoically put that aside as I sort literally everything into four categories: use, give away, sell, throw away. It is really ridiculous how many "extra" things I have and it feels oh so good to be thinning out, carrying bags downstairs and sweeping the floor clean.

While the small ones sleep, I think I'll go tackle the master bath. Wish me luck! Are you cleaning/organizing/decluttering as a part of the New Year?


~ Shannon said...

Yes, I'm also trying to declutter and organize! It's amazing to me how I hold on to things that don't serve any real purpose, and aren't even sentimental. They just take up space, time, etc.

Thank you for your organizational posts; they've been quite an inspiration!

Yours in Christ,

mandi said...

absolutely! in a small house we have to be pretty on top of things or we are quickly overwhelmed by clutter. a few days back my 4 year old came to me and said," can i sort through my princess dresses and toys and give some stuff away?" a 'hallelujah' and 'of course' ensued! what a delight to see such a generous spirit at such a young age

Brandy said...

Yep. Started the whole process a few days before New Years, actually ... then I got sick for a couple of weeks, spent a few days catching up, then got sick again. I was better yesterday, but gave myself today to rest too. Tomorrow, I'm hoping to go back at it. All I have left is going through both girls outgrown clothes (saving some of the oldest's clothes for the youngest) and toys. It's NICE to declutter!!

Me said...

Hi Hannah,

I think that I am ALWAYS cleaning/organizing/decluttering! :) Seriously, I get so mad at myself. At work, I am always perfectly organized. At home…well, it’s quite the opposite. My husband is extremely organized wherever he goes. So, I am trying to follow his good example and put everything back in its place as I go. I am also straightening the attic a bit at a time and trying to clean out drawers, etc. an item or two each time I open them. Those are my plans anyway. We used to have a neighbor that never really had a cleaning day or organizing season; she just always did it throughout each day. Each time she took a shower, she would clean it, etc., and hers is one of the two houses I know of that are ALWAYS (and I mean, always) immaculate! I’ll be thinking of you as we each clean, organize, and declutter! :)

Renee said...

Yes, I have been going through toys and trying to pack most of the older toys away and may even give some away. I have found that clutter just stresses me out and the less stuff the less clutter, which results in less stress.


Phase II said...

I need to do the same but its such a daunting task to begin...
but once begun its almost fun.


Patricia Bunk said...

I was happy to come across your blog. I have been organizing so much I feel by Feburary I should be ready to get the garden ready.