Sunday, January 25

The poorly bed

On this cold, cold January morning the sun pours across the varnished plank floor boards of our dining room, landing on a tousled head of wispy blond hair. She's got a pink popsicle in her mouth, her third Sabbath popsicle of its kind and it's only nine o'clock.

In the past thirty six hours we've done frozen grapes, evening trips trailing orangey-red tail lights down the highway to Target for a re-stock of fever reducers, cool Eucerin baths in the kitchen sink, sippy cups of grape juice and late night trips out into the freezing cold with Papa, sans coat or hat or mittens in seemingly feeble attempts to reduce the furnace blazing away in Ella Catherine's watery eyes. So sad. Very sad.
I miss sleeping, by the way. I fondly remember it and hope to see it again soon. If you look at me cross eyed, I just might burst into tears. Or if I tub my toe. Small things are traumatic minus sleep. Ugh...
We've had consults with medical call-services and on-call doctors and are rotating tylenol and motrin round the clock. I miss our level headed pediatrician. He lives up the road but I can't bring myself to call him as the on-call docs ramble off a list of viruses going around and ask me if my kids are daycare kids. Nope, they aren't. Thanks, anyway.
This too shall pass.
"Isn't it so sad to see Ella sick, Mama?" asked Annaliese Kaelin as we talked about things we can do to bring down a fever. "She's like the sweetheart of the family," Annaliese said with a sad sigh.
"More like the monkey of the family," was my thought, "but sweetheart will do in a pinch."

As I sit here sipping my made-by-Sean iced latte in the room where Ella Catherine slept on one couch, I on another, and Chase on a makeshift bed on the floor (Chase is teething too, by the way), I am strangely overwhelmed with thankfulness. Maybe its the high emotional, lack of sleep thing. I am so thankful that our children are normally healthy, thankful for tylenol and motrin, for the caffeine in my latte, for tv shows to watch online at ungodly hours with a fussing teether, thankful for the wonderful, organized, soon-to-be revealed project developing upstairs, thankful for doting, loving siblings hovering over Ella and the one stray moment when one of them thought some whacks on her back would help her feel better. :) I'm thankful for sleep, even though it is far from me and thankful that Sean will be home in a few hours. I'm thankful for warm, soft wool socks and blazing woodstoves and now I'm beginning to sound like Fraulein Maria, so I'll stop....
Have a beautiful, sunny Sabbath!


Sommer said...

So sorry your little lady is feeling so sick! And your baby is teething too! I will lift you in prayer.

Lots of love,

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Hannah - I really hope your little sweetheart is better soon. And that sleep is gifted back to you soon!

Pam said...

It is going around here too. I'm sorry you are working with a sick one. No fun.

Anonymous said...

I hope your babes are better now and that you are getting some sleep.

I don't want to open a can of worms, but can I ask why you call it Sabbath?

Lynn Hasty said...

Oh, I am sorry to hear that the sweetheart :) of the family is sick. And a teething baby. And a tired you. I hope all is back to normal soon.

I enjoyed the video of potato latkes. It was so fun to see you and the crew and hear your voice.


Me said...


I both delighted in your writing and sympathized with you simultaneously. What a taxing test indeed when the family is sick, and Mommy is so worn out.

How wonderful that you can see your blessings through all of this. :)

P.S. What a cozy house you have. I love the wood floors!

Wishing you all get well soon.


Kim said...

hope she feels better soon! And that you can get some rest! It's awful with no sleep! I'll pray for you.

amy said...

So sorry for sickness...ugh.

I have an award for you on my blog.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear your little one is sick. Remember though a fever is a good thing. Our chiropractor reminds us of it every time we are sick. The body is trying to "burn up the bug". Try not to bring it down with drugs but let the body do what it does best. Lots of fluids and bone broths are best. This too shall pass!!
Blessings, Karen

mandi said...

something i tried when my little one had 105' was to dip my finger in peppermint oil and run it down her back. it would give her moments of cool relief.

hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Hope your little one is better soon! and the others do not catch whatever she is dealing with right now.
Get some sleep when you can.

Little Natural Cottage said...

Hope your little princess is feeling better soon... it's so hard to see your littles feeling miserible. ~Kristy