Thursday, January 8

Five kids - one closet

The kiddo closet was also due for a cleaning. One giant garbage bag of "donate", a pile of broken hangers headed to the trash, and a pile to try to consign and I am much pleased.


LynnMarie said...

This muct be a good time to clean out closets because I have seen this theme on a few different blogs. It looks like a really big closet too! I bet it feels good to have it cleaned out and looks great too. Great Job - with 5 kids that is one really BIG job.

Tesa said...

We, too, have our four children sharing one bedroom and one closet. It is special for me to hear of other families doing the same.
Good work- it looks so tidy and organized!

Rosie said...

Wow can't beleive that's a closet for 5 My poor son's closet has all the..camping gear, inflatable bed,extra bedding, and baby thing we don't use and more and that I'm keeping..just incase we have number 2. I need to used it but only can hang a few thing's in it.. Must say, you are good!~~