Wednesday, January 14

A favorite photo of my Dad

My Dad knows more about the woods and the life therein than anyone else I know.

As a child, he would often take me out with him into different woods that he was surveying. While we looked for boundary lines and notches in old trees, we would be as quiet as possible, he lifting branches out of my way and stopping now and then to point out an animal print or whisper the name and medicinal use of a certain plant. My Dad always knew how the native Americans used this or that, which tuber was edible (cattails, I recall), the Latin name for a wildflower, what the fox had eaten by its scat....

Those times tramping through the woods are some of my favorite memories with my Dad.


heather said...

this is very sweet and beautiful. and i love the photo. :)

Patton's With Passion said...

I LOVE this post. I read but never comment ;)
My favorite memories of my Dad are walking through the woods as well. Beautiful pic.