Monday, January 12

Dough I only have to make once a week?

Crusty, crunchy crust? Tangy sour-dough-ish flavor? I think I'm in love and I'm sharing the love with you here.
Hurry, go mix up a batch of this and make yourself some fresh from the bakery style bread! We've been hooked on it for a while now and it is so good!

Edited to add:
I think they may have conveniently left out a few details so let me run through it all for you.
mix your dough, they give the correct amounts and ingredients. Put it in the fridge for at least three hours to sit. After three hours you're ready.
1.Preheat your oven to 450 degrees.
2.Sprinkle some flour over the top of your dough and grab out a portion about the size of a grapefruit.
3.Turn the ends under into a ball.
4.Sprinkle some cornmeal on your wooden dough riser thingie (ha! ha! I use a plastic flexible cutting board for this, waxed paper or parchment paper might also work.) Set your ball of dough on the cornmeal.
5.Let rise. (I think they say 40 minutes?) I've done 20 minutes and it still works great.
Have ready in your oven a cookie sheet, baking stone or cast iron pan. On the rack below that put a tray or casserole dish to hold water.
6.Sprinkle a little more flour over your bread ball and score it with a very sharp knife.
7.When the rising time is up, sprinkle cornmeal onto your baking stone and slide your bread off whatever you let it rise on and onto the stone. Viola! (In case of utter disaster and your dough ball sticks, I have picked it up gently and plopped it onto the stone. It survived and tasted great.)
8. Pour two cups of water into your tray that's under your baking stone.
Put the remainder of the dough back into the fridge and whenever you feel like fresh crusty bread, repeat. It keeps very well. I've also used 3/4 hard wheat and 1/4 white wheat with good results. The batch in the fridge now is with spring winter white wheat that we ground and I think its a new favorite.

Ha! Ha! Twice edited to add:
Bake in your hot oven for a half hour. After thirty minutes is up, poke in an oven thermometer. I recommend this since everyone's "grapefruit sized" loaves will be slightly different in size. Pull the bread out when the temp is between 190-200 degrees.


Beth said...

So do you just let the rest of the dough sit in the bucket and use it throughout the week? And what temperature did they set the oven on?

mandi said...

hey- i posted on bread today too! crazy! can't wait to try this recipe. thanks for posting!

mandi said...

oh my gracious! that is beautiful! question, have you tried this with whole wheat? results?

Anonymous said...

it's great to be able to make bread at home, for taste & health-consciousness.
It'll save a ton of time not having to knead the dough.
Thanks for sharing this, Hannah.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you posted this! I am on the waiting list at the library for their book. After watching the video and reading your additions, I can try it now. Thanks!

Brandy said...

Oh wow! That looks awesome! Have you tried it with ALL whole wheat yet?

I'm definitely gonna have to give this a try!

Anonymous said...

Yum! I love bread....must make a fresh loaf for the week! Thanks for the recipe.

Anonymous said...

Hannah, This looks wonderful. I'm going to try it today. But how long does it take to bake?
Thanks for your blog. You encourage me to keep on as I raise my five little ones, C.W.

Amanda said...

I've heard of that book, and have it on my wish list. Thanks for the sneak peek -- now I can just try it!

Melissa said...

Thanks so much for sharing this, Hannah! I made it last night, and it's definitely our new family favorite. I can't believe how high the ratio of deliciousness to effort is! ;)

In case it's helpful for anyone, I found the full recipe written out here, and there's a printable version:

Tom said...

Oh My! We are trying this tonight because we are having a youth gathering at our house on Friday and this will be great with soup. We are also in LOVE with the whole wheat bread recipe that you submitted for the frugal recipe collection. It is being made once a week at our house. You really should post that too. :)

Anonymous said...

wow, 5 kids, homemade bread from home-ground wheat, sewing: I think the only thing we don't have in common is the homeschooling thing, which I plan to do once my little one is a bit older. Can't wait to try this technique, one loaf at a time in a bread machine is a constant process with all the mouths around here. Beautiful blog!

Tesa said...

This bread is amazing! I made it for our family last night, and it truly is easy and delicious. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe.

Lynn Hasty said...

Hannah, thanks SO much for sharing this and for all of your own notes and work. It seems like the perfect bread!


Chrissy said...

Thank you for sharing this. It was awesome!!