Wednesday, December 10

The Power of Praying Women

God has blessed my life by surrounding me with women who pray for me. It really is a powerful thing, as I've mentioned before. Any of them, I know, I could call in a moment and I have! My Mom, stepmom Pam, sister, and friends like the beautiful one above holding our Chase are some of the praying women in my life that I am so thankful for. Thankful, thankful, thankful.

So many times in this culture, women get a reputation for other things, not so noble as prayer. Gossiping, immorality, immodesty, being superficial, petty, lazy. These are the things I want far from me, far from taking residence in my family.

My daughters and I sit and talk, talk while we wash dishes, do lessons, live life. What is character? What is morality? What is modesty? What truly makes a woman beautiful?

I love the character our eight year old is exhibiting, unprompted. (Mama's are allowed to brag a bit, right?) I love her heart of compassion, that she wants to comfort and pray for people, when she asks to give her things to friends who have less, when she picks up a task without being asked...

We want to raise our daughters to be "salt and light" in their culture. Lights don't shine if they are just as dim as what surrounds them.

Someday my daughters will join this circle of praying women, supporting each other practically and in prayer, through all the seasons of life. I look forward to the day of getting a phone call asking, "Mom, will you pray?"


Me said...


What a beautiful post! You wrote so eloquently. I too hope that your daughters grow up to be women of God. Pray, pray, pray for I know you will. :)

God bless you,


Me said...

I hope you got my recent message...?

K said...


In addition to the power of praying women, I would like to comment on the power of blogging women ;) I have been lurking, but haven't commented. I am a mom to two three and under, and praying for more. I just wanted to tell you what a source of inspiration and encouragement you have been to me in my own walk with the Lord. I truly feel that He's used your blog, specifically, in my life to inspire me to press harder on toward the goal.

Remember, you have no idea, sitting in your house with your children sleeping or playing around you as you type these words, who may be reading or how God may be using you. I think you have a wider impact than you will know this side of heaven. You see your primary ministry as inside your home, and I fully agree, and secondary ministry as opening your home to others, but this blog opens your sphere of influence so much, and it has been so pertinent to my life and my heart. You may have other young mothers over for coffee often, as you say, and I will probably never sit at your table with you, but you "have me over" every time you post and my heart just drinks it in.

Thank you.

Michelle said...

Thank you for your posts. They truly speak to my heart and inspire me.

Merry Christmas,

Sandra Lundy said...

Beautiful....just beautiful.