Friday, December 12

Last December I blogged incessantly. I crafted, baked, and obsessed incessantly. Perfect tree, perfect wrappings, perfectly planned out Jesse Tree ornaments with the kiddos. I can blame part of it all on last year's nesting, as Chase hadn't arrived yet.

This year... this year I really just wanted to enjoy the advent season with as little stress and as lot of joy as possible. And we have. And are.

We've still been busy but on our own terms. School lessons have mellowed for the month. Douglas, who has had a long steady road to travel in reading is suddenly taking off, reading me cheesy little stories every day which his divinely given sense of humor finds hilarious. "Pig sat in mud" and "Wet hen went to bed" were never so appreciated.

My little lefties have begun to knit and crochet right handed because that is the only way I can teach them, poor things. They LOVE it and I figure their brains will figure out the leftie way of doing things all on their own once the basics are down. So we knit a bit, sew much, bake whatever sounds delicious, watch about wild animals for science, make lapbooks, sled, sit by the woodstove with library books, hide presents and straighten the tipping Charlie Brown tree twelve times a day. (Which is rigged up with one tree stand, one lego piece and two tinker toy pieces.)

This morning Chase seemed to have grown a mile overnight, prompting an impromptu photo shoot while the older kiddos were learning about leopards via a BBC documentary. I have a love/hate relationship with babies growing so quickly. (Sniff, sniff....) I love when I get a good nights sleep, which has been exactly three times since his birth. And I hate that it all flies by so fast and before you know it they are eight and referring to their younger siblings as "the children". Does anyone else out there have an eight year old with such an old soul? Is it an oldest child syndrome? I don't know.

Slow down. Enjoy your families and friends. Make the advent season less about stuff and more about peace. Read to your kiddos. Go sledding. If you live somewhere warm, soak in some warmth for me. Laugh. Be silly. Give. Talk about deep things with your kids. Make blueberry pancakes and gingerbread men and orange julius. Sing loudly. Sing carols. Listen.

Have a beautiful night,


Me said...


Once again, you have eloquently expressed yourself.

Your baby is beautiful.

We have been doing as you have--enjoying the season. We are going back to the real meaning of Christmas this year with very little "stuff".

Merry Christmas to you all. :)

Hailey's Beats and Bits said...

very nice. truly time spent together is more important than anything else

Karen G. said...

I too have taken an "I'm not just buying stuff" attitude this year. Last year, I didn't get out any Christmas cards but I have taken the time to do that this year. We are spending less, doing more nice things and I might even enjoy Christmas this year. Thank you so much for the lovely photographic Christmas card. Be Blessd!

Katrina said...

Oh I hear you, they DO grow up way too fast! Sniff, sniff... What a darling boy you have!

Your Christmas season sounds wonderful so far, and I hope it continues this way for you. : )


Charity Grace said...

How many of your babes are lefties? I have 2 out of 4. My 5yo is learning guitar right handed and it's amazing how adaptable they are.

We are keeping Christmas simple too. I love a peaceful Christmas season.

goddessof4 said...

Your post is so sweet!!!! Babies grow so fast!!!! It sounds like you guys are having a wonderful time in the month of December.I need to follow your advice and take time for more fun and family time!!!!

Stephanie said...

Dear Hannah, You write beautifully and from your heart. I really love your blog. You are a precious family. Thanks you for posting about enjoying the little things this season!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if this would work for you or not, but my mother taught my sister-in-law how to crochet by having her sit directly across from her and she mirrored what she saw.

Me said...


I always enjoy the music when I come to your sight. Thank you.

monika said...

Most left-handed people knit the same way as right-handed ones. I don't know about crochet, hardly know anyone who does that.

Farrah said...

Chase is a really cute boy. He has the biggest eyes! How precious. I only have 1 natural child and it just amazes me how they grow and change within minutes. My baby is going on 11 years old and I still can't believe the time has gone so quickly!

Blessings for your week!

Sandra Lundy said...

Beautiful reminder to slow down and take in the reason for the season. Thank you for your heartfelt posts, they inspire me so, so much.

And, what a beautiful baby boy, too :)

Pam said...

We are on the same page too. I've beent thinking along the same lines, trying to find authentic faith and relationships amidst the bustle. The family will remember the times together, not the perfection, the stuff, or the clean house. I'm working hard with mine to learn how to play canasta, make soft pretzels, and skate, if it will ever get above 0 degrees!

Your baby's mouth is so cute!

Patricia said...

Oh I just love drooling babies... so very precious.... certainly a stage that will not always be there. Yes! Enjoy life... slow down and take time to delight in those children!
PS Sage still wants a chicken. ;0)