Friday, December 26

I thought this was so sweet....

Andrew Douglas snagged a box that I discarded, wrapped, taped, wrote his name and ours, and then taped some more, I think.
Inside were two salt dough ornaments that he made himself and two one dollar bills.
Love that kid.


Sommer said...

Sweet! Those are the best kind of gifts:-)

Lots of love,

I love all things vintage. said...

This makes me melt! I only can hope and pray I have children like this someday!

Anonymous said...

That was a beautiful gift! When my kids were little (now they are 14, 16, 18, 21,and 22) we spent a lot of time before Christmas making gifts. I always tried to have their focus be on what they were giving other people. I found it difficult to combat the "What is Santa bringing you for Christmas?" (Santa?) questions. Now I look around my sisters and sister-in-laws' houses and still see pencil cups made of popsicle sticks etc. and it warms my heart. So I think salt dough ornaments are a lovely gift from the heart!